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Edible Glitter and Edible Glitter Spray For Cakes and Cookie Decorating

Updated on April 10, 2012

Edible Glitter for Cake Decorating

Edible glitter is the perfect cake decorating accessory and is great for adding a touch of glizt and glam to your cakes.

Widely available and easy to use edible glitters, lustre's and petal dusting powders can be used to create great effects on cakes, turning something ordinary into something amazing.

Use them to make your stars shine, to add sparkle to your flowers, to a subtle shimmer effect to your cupcakes ~ or just go crazy with a riot of glittering colour.

Edible glitters and lustres are available in almost every colour you can imagine and can be bought in either flakes - useful for covering small areas, or sprays - useful if you want to add shimmer to a whole cake. Sprays are more shimmery than glittery, but are great for adding a sparkly sheen to a cake.

So whether it's cupcakes, birthday cakes or wedding cakes you want to add a bit of glitz too, grab the glitter and let your inner artist out.

Edible Glitter on Shoe Cake Topper
Edible Glitter on Shoe Cake Topper

What is Edible Glitter For Cakes Made Off

Edible glitters are normally made from either natural starches or from tree gum such as from the acacia tree - food colourings are then added to make the colours.

Sprayable lustre is made from a mix of additives and colours usually in an alcohol suspension (alcohol evaporates and therefore dries much quicker than water)

Be sure when you buy cake decorating glitters that they are the edible ones as there are also those about which are for 'decorating use only'. These tend to give a slightly stronger effect and can be great to use on decorations that will be removed from the cake but you don't want to have spent ages on your cake only to find you've inadvertently decorated it with something that cannot be eaten.

To stick edible glitters to cakes use a small amount of water ~ just a drop is sufficient as most edible glitters tend to be soluble in water over time.

How to Apply Edible Glitter to Cake Decorations

If the decorations you want to add glitter are small and made of fondant or gum paste then the best way to cover them in edible glitter is to place the glitter in a shallow bowl or ramekin and press the decorations gently into it. So long as the decorations are freshly cut there will be enough moisture in the material to hold onto the glitter.

If you need to decorate items on a cake, then a paintbrush is a useful tool. If your glitter isn't water soluble paint the area you want to cover with cooled boiled water first, then use the paint brush to dab glitter where you need it. If the glitter you are using is water soluble you can still use the same method but let the area almost dry out before adding the glitter.

Where to Buy Edible Cake Glitter

Most good cake supply shops stock a range of glitter products in both spray and sprinkle form.

As said earlier you need to check that the glitter you're buying is truly edible or can only be used for decoration. As a general rule of thumb the more glittery the glitter the less edible it is.

Edible glitter products are also widely available online at places such as Amazon, as well as specialist online cake decorating suppliers - and these often the ones to go to as they have the biggest ranges.

Other Examples of Edible Glitter

Edible glitter used on 21st Cake
Edible glitter used on 21st Cake
Edible glitter on mini cupcakes hearts
Edible glitter on mini cupcakes hearts
Pearl lustre spray over grey icing for silver effect
Pearl lustre spray over grey icing for silver effect


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