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Eggcellent Ideas

Updated on March 15, 2011
half-boiled egg
half-boiled egg
Easter eggs
Easter eggs
Which comes first? Chicken or egg?
Which comes first? Chicken or egg?
Great recipe: cuddled eggs
Great recipe: cuddled eggs

Egg 101

What you’re looking is the resident hen at home. She’s feisty and care for her eggs so much that I can’t touch it without suffering from her painful poking. Ouch! Only one egg please, I beg you oh my Henny Penny (a popular name for a hen). Opps! It beaten me again! Well, this went on and on every time I get one egg in the morning if I want to drink it fresh or boil it. Before I cannot drink a raw egg, but my co-worker on board ship persuaded me to drink egg after a workout in the gym. At first, I nearly puke but without breathing, I gulped the slimy liquid (with the yolk and whites) leaving a different taste at tip of my tongue. To his prodding, I quenched a glass of milk to lessen the after taste of the egg. What happened then, continued for at least a month and I felt my arm muscles (biceps, triceps), back and chest muscles, and legs, too tightened with only this kind of routine. I stopped it for fear of acquiring the salmonella virus ( one of the most feared contaminants when it comes to eggs).

Don’t get carried away with my personal account. I still think that eating eggs a day will keep disease away from you. I am right because of what I’ve read from a health magazine.

Studies have clearly demonstrated that eating an egg a day don’t raise the risk of heart disease among healthy people. In fact, lutein, a nutrient found in the yolk, may actually help prevent heart disease.

You don’t believe me because you have an allergy or two? Better ask your doctor first for a more sensible advise. Otherwise, these facts about the other benefits of the formerly forbidden food will awaken your senses.

Brain Food Eggs are high in choline, that plays a role in the development of memory function. Baby food include the yolk of boiled eggs because it can be easily digested by babies of 5 or 6 months.

D-rightful Eggs are one of the few food sources of Vitamin D. It is essential to bone health. So, if you can’t acquire sufficient sun’s rays, you still don’t have to worry because you have eggs in the fridge.

Eye Candy The carotenoids in eggs reduce risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Elders should eat more eggs to combat such kind of eye deficiency. Even those who are using computers everyday, it can help to lessen the effects of radiation exposure in our eyes.

Figure-friendly One large egg contains just 75 calories, 5 grams of fat and 6.25 grams of protein. That’s why bodybuilders always incorporate eggs in their daily workout diet.

Isn’t this an eggcellent idea?!

How To Cook Eggs

We can eat an egg through frying (sunny-side up, scrambled or with mix ingredients as in corned fish or beef or even veggies) or just merely boiling. Egg poaching with just 60 degrees Celsius is an excellent treat in the morning. The good thing about poached egg is that the yolk and whites are still liquidy while being cooked in a moderate heat.

You can enjoy my prepared scrambled eggs. You can use olive oil (zero cholesterol) or just a little water to cook the eggs. Beat the eggs and season it with little amount of white or black powdered pepper and grated hard cheese (kefalotyri Greek cheese) or just an iodized salt. While cooking, continue to stir it in the pan. Good scrambled eggs shouldn’t be a little watery, not completely dried up. You can add a little milk for body or sprinkle it with little amount of oregano (for herbal effect) or fresh dill weed (usually used for boiled fish). It can be used as egg filling for sandwich bread or a nutritious snacks, too while writing your hubs.

How to buy and test fresh eggs

Color test. Eggs shells can be brown or white. If there are already small dark spots or dots on egg shells, they’re not fresh anymore. Some egg producers have expiry dates printed on egg shells to guide buyers or consumers which to buy.

Water test. If the eggs float, it is old already and it can harm your health if you eat it raw, scrambled. Germs are mostly killed when you boil the eggs. Old eggs have awful smell, if you break the shell and the yolks are already coagulated.

Coloring the eggs

Here in the Philippines, we buy salted colored eggs in the market. The usual procedure is that eggs are soaked in a brine solution (50-50 water and salt solution) for about 11 days or two weeks. It is cooked then colored (usually magenta) when marketed in the store.

Easter eggs varied in colors (red, yellow, green, blue, etc.) and is not totally salted. You can preserve the eggs more for a week or two if you oil the shells with ordinary cooking oil or olive oil. My Greek officers eat these eggs with gusto when Easter Sunday comes.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I like poached eggs. Have you eaten 'balut'? It is a duck egg with a 14-17 day old chick in it. You can also try eating century egg being garnshed in most fancy Chinese restaurants.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thanks for these ideas about eggs, travel_man1971. I boiled eggs for breakfast and also mix it in noodle soup. I also like sunny-side up fried egg.