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Eggs Any Style: How Do You Top That?

Updated on November 22, 2011

Just like there are various uses for crescent roll dough and various ways of making pizza, there are also many styles of cooking eggs. Scrambled, fried, hard-boiled - I'm sure everyone has their favorite. Everyone also likes to add their own ingredients to the mix, which is expected but not limited to the cooking of omelets. Such ingredients can be grouped into the following categories: seasonings, toppings, and marinades.

Seasonings are commonly the spices salt, pepper, and paprika. Some people add salt and pepper to almost any protein dish, and eggs are no exception. Paprika is the signature spice in deviled eggs - hard-boiled eggs cut in half with mayonaise mixed in with the yolk and sprinkled red with paprika. However, I would advise against using a heavy-hand with the spices or the flavor may become too much. Especially in cases wherein excess salt and/or cholesterol are a detriment to one's health, there is something to be said for bland eggs or just plain egg whites.

Marinades may not be commonly thought of in regard to eggs (unless you put a little too much ketchup on your omelet), but if you put too much syrup on your pancakes and it runs into the eggs and hash browns on your plate, the result is surprisingly delicious. Adding something sweet to your eggs instead of something salty as mentioned above may seem counterintuitive, but it really is tasty. If you want to stick with salty or spicy, though, adding a little soy sauce or tabasco if you dare isn't bad either. It accomplishes the same effect as the aforementioned spices except in liquid form.

Toppings can be anything you want them to be, especially in omelets. You can add them to any egg dish, really. Melted cheese is one way to go, or you could even use the crumbs at the bottom of that box of Cheez-Its (the Colby variety has lots, I've found). My dad used to make us fried eggs every Sunday morning and we always added bacon bits to them. I haven't had them in a while, but other options could include bits of ham that you can get at a salad bar or something. Anything solid that you love to eat will do, as long as you keep aware not to harden your arteries too much and balance out your meal with some healthy cereal.

Aside from your health, no one can tell you how to cook an egg dish that you make for yourself. Add whatever you like to it to make it a dish that's as unique as you are. Just as runny yolks or maple syrup spread across a plate and engulf everything, anything you have on the side becomes part of the experience. The result could be a disaster or a delectable treat just waiting to be discovered.


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    • AndreiBargas profile image

      AndreiBargas 6 years ago from Philippines

      I've never tried eating eggs with pancake syrup before. I might give it a shot some time. Haha.