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Eggs Eggs and more Eggs

Updated on March 5, 2012
Lost in a sea of eggs.
Lost in a sea of eggs.
Breakfast omlette.
Breakfast omlette.
Dippy egg fit for a four year old.
Dippy egg fit for a four year old.

Now that the last of the winter snow has melted and the mercury is once again on the up, I have been left with an unexpected quandry.

The feathered egg layers that roam the garden dropped their egg production quite sharply when the cold set in. So much so that the neighbours were unable to buy their eggs from us and have reverted to the evil that is the supermarket egg.

But now that the feathered ones are once again feeling the warmth upon their backs they are once again laying with abandon! But with the bulk of my customers holidaying on the dark side of egg retail, I am left with a glut of eggs.

I find myself continually pushing the oval yolk holders at the kids, in the vain hope that the backlog will subside. But their is only so many dippy eggs and egg banjo's that the kids will suffer. Trying to vary their egg intake with the odd omlette has little or no effect on ever burgeoning supply. The kids are even sick of the sight of the endless supply of home made cakes coming their way! One recipe that makes a bit of headway into the pile of eggs is Spanish omlette, as this takes up about ten eggs at a time. But after half a dozen of these, even a self confessed eggholic such as myself is sick of the sight of them!

A few of the fertilised ones have even found their way into the incubator, but that is another spring time story.

And so I have taken to trawling through the internet, searching for inspirational egg based recipes. So far I have had little or no success. And as the kitchen continues to fill with shell encased chicken embryos I find myself at a loss for ideas as to what to do with them. If my customers do not return soon the un-thinkable could happen. I could find myself putting perfectly good eggs in the bin.

If you can help me avoid the upcoming egg apocalypse, please fell free to contact me via the comments section of tis page.

Together we can make egg-static food : )


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    • IZ7LJM profile image

      IZ7LJM 6 years ago from Galatone ( Lecce) Italia

      Per ora e' cosi' ma quando passera' il freddo tutto sara' di nuovo ok. Fra pochi giorni tornera' il sole e la bella stagione e anche torneranno anche le uova.