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Electric Kettle of a New Generation

Updated on March 4, 2017

We are in a hurry when preparing to go to work in the morning, and value every minute. Therefore, the advantages of electric kettles are obvious: quickly boiling water, ease of use – pour water, put on a special stand, pressed a button, and after boiling the kettle switches off automatically. But such electric kettles are already hopelessly outdated. Now they are replaced by a new generation of kettles – controlled using buttons. After switching off, the device may maintain a certain water temperature set manually. The choice of such electric kettles in stores is still not rich; the most popular model is Zelmer SK1004.

Additional features of Zelmer СК1004:

  • Beep on boiling;
  • Protection against the kettle switching on without water
  • Filter for water treatment.

Packing of Zelmer СК1004 electric kettle

The easiest way is to order such a model in the online store. Prices are differ slightly – from 30 to 50 $. Packaging – a beautiful box, with a description and manual, a one year guarantee.

Kettle design

This model features a modern design. Its color will perfectly fit into any kitchen interior. The main differences of Zelmer SK1004 from other models – fast water heating, high-quality stainless inner surface without odor.

Country of origin – Poland, and the kettles are assembled in China.

The heating element surface is smooth preventing scaling, so it is easy to clean.

One of the main advantages of this model is maintenance of a certain boiled water temperature and a wide temperature range from 40 to 100 degrees. Temperature is controlled manually using + and - buttons. The kettle beeps on boiling.

Water warming function in the kettle is designed for continuous operation within 180 minutes and then the kettle automatically switches off. This is a very useful feature for forgetful people who can leave the kettle on and leave the house. In this case, you may not worry that water can boil away completely, and the kettle burns.

All buttons and a display showing water temperature are in the base. The water level is under the kettle handle that is not too convenient.

The main disadvantages of Zelmer SK1004 include annoying beep volume on water boiling, and the water level scale is in inconvenient place – under the kettle handle, and because of frequent weeping, water level in the kettle is not visible.

In water heating mode, the temperature range is stepped by tens – 100, 90, 80, 60 and 40. The interval of five degrees is available in temperature maintenance mode.

If beeps on kettle boiling are very annoying, you can select the temperature maintenance mode and set the desired one, thus Zelmer SK1004 will not beep.

Common time of boiling is about 5 minutes. Cooling time under room conditions is about 120 minutes.

Zelmer SK1004 includes both the functions of a common kettle and a thermo pot, so it is very easy to use and convenient because you can drink a cup of hot tea or coffee at any time.

Zelmer SK1004


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