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English Roast Beef

Updated on October 23, 2011

roast beef pictures

beef to be roasted in English art
beef to be roasted in English art | Source
roast beef at Harrod's
roast beef at Harrod's | Source

Let's say it: English roast beef is not that thinly sliced meat your mother used to serve you cold. That was a good use of the precious leftovers of the real thing.

Real roast beef comes from a good cut of beef with the bone, as in the picture, wher clergyman and soldiers are fascinated alike.

Let's say you have your piece of meat, ideally 3 kilos: I know, it is quite a lot (and it does explain why your mother ...), but such a size is necessary for proper cooking. Good meat is of paramount importance, if you happen to live in Milano as I do, Walter Sirtori is a butcher who used to import English meat and he does know how to provide you with the right cut.

Warm you oven up to 240°C. Mix 2 spoons of flour and 1 of powder mustard, then pat the meat.

Cut 3 onions in quarters and put them in the bake together with about 70g of drippings if you happen to have them, or olive oil otherwise. Put the meat fat side up on the onions.

Cut 5 or 6 parsnips and 8 or 10 pre-boiled potatoes and put them around the beef. Roast for 35 miutes approximately.

Lower temperature down to 190°C, and keep moist the meat and the vegetables with the drippings. Roast for another 70 minutes, always keeping meat and vegetables moist.

Reduce temperature down to 240° and cook for another 10 minutes. Take the meat out of the oven and keep it in a warm place for another 20 minutes, it will complete cooking. Keep the drippings for next roast.

Serve with con horseradish sauce (it's ok to buy it canned), gravy, green vegetables like peas or beans, and if you feel like working some more, Yorkshire Pudding.


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