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Enjoy Delicious Gaea Gourmet Greek Foods

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you a fan of Greek cuisine? Want to enjoy wonderful Mediterranean food at home? The first step in getting prepared to enjoy Authentic Greek foods in your home is to find a resource for authentic ingredients that you can use to create tasty dishes for your friends and family.

If you're looking for a resource for supplies for your at-home Greek cooking efforts, you'll be excited to discover Gaea's wonderful product line. Gaea is a 100 percent authentic gourmet Greek food company that offers a line of wonderful sauces, tapenades, extra virgin olive oil, and other ingredients that can help you get started creating fabulous Mediterranean dishes in your home kitchen.

A Sampling of Gaea's Gourmet Greek Food Selections

Corfu Sauce – You haven't tried authentic Greek cuisine until you have tasted delicious Corfu Sauce from Gaea. This rich combination of tomato, goat cheese, wine, and flavorful spices is an ideal topping for pasta, eggplant, bruschetta, or toasted pita bread triangles.

Cretan Sauce – Fans of the tangy flavor of feta cheese will enjoy Gaea's Cretan sauce. A unique and flavorful of sundried tomatoes and feta cheese, this sauce is a wonderful bruschetta spread or pizza topping. It's also delicious when served with Basmati rice, pasta, shrimp, or your favorite type of meat.

Cyprus Sauce – Gaea's spicy Cyprus Sauce is a unique fusion of tomatoes and orange flavors. It combines the flavors of the Mediterranean and the Middle East is a wonderful topping for poultry, seafood, pasta, or rice.

Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade – If you love tomatoes, olives, and goat cheese, you're sure to be delighted with Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade from Gaea. This tangy spread is the perfect topping for your favorite hummus recipe, as well as a great spread for bruschetta or warm pita bread triangles. It's also tasty spooned over roasted chicken.

Santorini Sauce – Enjoy the tangy flavor of Santorini cherry tomatoes blended with wild oregano and capers with this flavorful sauce from Gaea. It's a delicious sauce served with Basmati rice or your favorite variety of pasta.

Olives – Gaea carries an extraordinary selection of gourmet olives sure to please any palate. Each olive the company uses is hand picked, sorted on site, and starts the brining process within 48 hours of the time of being picked. The company offers 9 varieties, including: Almond Stuffed, Garlic Stuffed, Kalamata, Kalamata Halves, Mixed Marinated, Mixed Pitted, Pimento Stuffed, Pitted Green, and Pitted Kalamata.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Gaea's award winning extra virgin olive oil is derived from the first cold pressing of authentic Greek olives without refining. It is a USDA certified organic product and bears the distinction of being the world's first olive oil to earn the designation of being carbon neutral. There are five varieties available: Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Sitia, Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Laconia Extra Virgin Olive Oil; and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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