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Enjoy Magners Irish Cider

Updated on October 1, 2012

Are you a fan of flavorful hard cider? If you've not yet tried Magners Irish Cider, you're certainly in for a treat! This delicious beverage has a crisp, refreshing flavor that anyone who is a fan of hard cider spirits is sure to enjoy.

About Magners Irish Cider

While there are a number of hard cider options available in bars and restaurants, supermarkets, and other stores that sell spirits, Magners Irish Cider is the only one that is imported to North America from Ireland. Even though it is a relatively new introduction to the U.S. and Canadian markets, Magners Irish Cider has been in production in Ireland since 1935, where it has long been a favorite.

Magners Irish Cider is available in many other markets around the world as well, where it is also quite popular. For example, as of 2010, Magners Irish Cider rose to claim the number one position among packaged cider brands in Great Britain, and there's no wonder why. Even though the company has experienced enormous growth since it was founded decades ago, the production process still follows the time honored traditions recognized as the key to crafting quality hard cider.

Magners Irish Cider is made from a blend of 17 different apple varieties, each one especially selected for cider production. Carefully made by skilled craftspeople, each batch of Magners Irish Cider is created using the traditional cider skills and craftsmanship used when the beverage was first created. A Master Cider Maker focuses on making certain that all cider produced is of the highest quality, working with every aspect of the process from the harvest of the fruit until every bit of each batch has been bottled.

Drinking Magners Irish Cider

While Americans typically enjoy drinking cider straight from the bottle or by itself in a chilled pilsner glass or mug, that's not the only way to enjoy this beverage. Serving Magners Irish Cider "over ice" has long been a popular tradition in Ireland, so you might want to give that a try!

Cooking with Magners Irish Cider

If you like the flavor of Magners Irish Cider as a beverage, you may also want to experiment with it for cooking. You can find a few recipes made with the beverage at

Final Facts About Magners

Magners Irish Cider is completely gluten free, making it an ideal spirit beverage option for those who cannot consume gluten. The beverage is available in pints, 12 ounce bottles, and draught.


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  • tom_caton profile image

    Tom Caton 6 years ago from The Desk

    If you buy it in Ireland it's actually called Bulmers.

    It's only called Magners in England (and Northern Ireland) because there's another Cider making company called Bulmers there already.

    A wee fun fact for you!