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Enjoy Quick and Easy Asian Meals with Simmer Sauces from Thai Kitchen

Updated on October 26, 2008

Do you wish you had the time to prepare delicious Asian meals at home? If you enjoy the rich taste of Thai cuisine but don't want to buy seasonings that you don't ordinarily have on hand or spend hours figuring out how to make the rich sauces that make these types of dishes so great?

Asian Cooking Made Simple

The great news is that you don't have to make Asian sauces from scratch to enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at home. Thai Kitchen carries a full line of Asian cooking products, including a selection of delectable Thai curry simmer sauces that can be ready to serve in just ten minutes.

Instead of whipping up Asian curry sauces from scratch, when you take advantage of Thai Kitchen's simmer sauces, all you'll have to do is add few fresh ingredients to the pre-made sauce and you'll have a delicious home cooked Asian meal on the table in no time at all. Even those with no cooking experience can create delicious Asian meals in no time with these terrific sauces.

According to Brooke Snyder, who is Thai Kitchen's Senior Product manager, "Thai Kitchen is proud to offer products that make life easier for today's busy cooks who appreciate authentic ingredients and are eager to use them in their own kitchens but don't have the time to start from scratch."

Flavor Varieties

You can choose the flavor and degree of hotness that you prefer from among four delicious flavors, which are Green Curry, Panang Curry, Red Curry, and Yellow Curry. Those who enjoy the spiciest of foods are likely to enjoy the Green Curry flavor. Those who prefer mild flavors are likely to prefer the Yellow Curry sauce. The Red Curry and Panang Curry varieties are between the other two in terms of heat, with red being the hotter of the two.

Each Thai Kitchen simmer sauce is made with the ideal combination of authentic Asian spices and coconut milk. Not only are Thai Kitchen's simmer sauces a delicious way to bring the taste of Authentic Asian cuisine to your kitchen, they are also quite affordable. With a suggested retail price of less than $3.50 per jar, chances are that you couldn't make comparable sauces from scratch even if you wanted to do so.

Where to Find Thai Kitchen Simmer Sauce

You won't have to search specialty retailers to find these sauces, either. They are available in many supermarket chains, on the international cuisine aisle. See the online store locator to find a retailer near you. You can pick up a jar (or more) of Thai Kitchen simmer sauce the next time you go grocery shopping, and then enjoy an authentic Asian dinner created in your own kitchen shortly after returning home.


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