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Enjoy an Easy On-The-Go Organic Breakfast with Eggology

Updated on November 24, 2008

The fact that you don't have hours to spend preparing breakfast in the morning doesn't mean that you have to settle for unhealthy, processed foods at the beginning of the day. You can enjoy a quick, easy breakfast in less than two minutes with Eggology's organic “On-the-Go” egg whites. What could be easier than popping a container of Eggology's organic “On-the-Go” egg whites into the microwave in the morning, then being able to enjoy delicious, fresh scrambled eggs just a few seconds later?

This unique product is perfect for busy people who want to eat healthy but who also need the convenience of a breakfast that can be prepared in the microwave very quickly. Whether you want to make sure your kids get a healthy meal in the morning or you need to make sure that your day gets off to a healthy start with a lean, protein rich breakfast, this unique convenience food can be an outstanding choice.

According to Brad Halpern, founder and CEO of Eggology, “We’ve all heard a million times how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It improves energy, brain function and diet, making us less likely to indulge in high calorie snacks or overeat at lunch. Unfortunately, until now, healthy and simple breakfast options that are low in fat and carbohydrates and high in protein have been almost impossible for find. With our new "On-the-Go" egg whites, we sought to provide a breakfast alternative that is quick, easy, fun, and delicious - but still provides the protein and sustenance necessary for a productive day.”

Eggology's organic “On-The-Go” egg whites are have no preservatives, colorings, or gums. They are also free from carbs, fat, trans fat, and GMOs. They aren't frozen or powdered, and are convenient to keep on hand in the kitchen or freezer. These egg whites have a shelf life of three months when stored in the refrigerator and can be stored frozen for an indefinite period of time. When you keep a few containers on hand, you'll always be just a few seconds away from a delicious and healthful organic breakfast.

Eggology's organic “On-the-Go” egg whites come in individual cups that go straight to the microwave, where they become fresh scrambled eggs in just 95 seconds. Each single serve container has the equivalent of four egg whites. They are available at supermarkets and health food stores throughout the U.S. They come in several sizes, including single packs, two packs, four packs, six packs, and even 36 packs. For more information, see


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