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favorite 23 top COCKTAILZ

Updated on June 4, 2014

MY "whole-month-september"-celebration

"OH YES"...will you say?

Summer time is over...also Cocktail time? Why NOW ... a lens about cocktails?

To be honest :a delicious cocktail is always on every moment a good occasion to enjoy... It isn't, I'm craving for alcohol, because I never drink a lot of alcohol, even not in the form of a cocktail. My first cocktail I ever tasted, was on the Dominican Republic, a yummy-vacation I enjoyed in 2009; my first

tropical exotic vacation, so far away from home. After that vacation, I regularly enjoy some cocktail, on a lazy relaxing evening, or a lazy relaxing sunday afternoon. I even bought some books about "bartending", about "making cocktails", and "making different mixed drinks".

So I'm in september celebrating the "end of summer vacation",

the beginning of "back-to-school"-period,

the start of my "last months in my job-career" before I will be pensioned,

also my "becoming a grandfather in october"

with publishing this lens, collecting my most favorite cocktails.

In fact: this is my "september-celebration" Lens

not the 1th...or 5th?...or 6th? 20th? september-celebration... "all-days-in-september-celebration-lens".

This cocktail-celebration is to celebrate my successful summer vacation period 2012

and to start the new school year 2012-2013...

and I selected enough favorite cocktails, to celebrate each day in september

with another favorite taste.

In fact, in my philosophy, for me "each day" must be "celebrated" I have 365 days in one year...

to CELEBRATE...365 days wherefor I'm grateful...

A special New Year's Cocktail. Visit this link to learn how to prepare this Blue Hawaii Cocktail.

Some Background Information

A simple definition of a cocktail : a mixed drink that contains several ingredients; at least 1 ingredient is a spirit, mixed with some juice(s).

Of course, today we enjoy also non-alcoholic cocktails. In fact, today "every" drinkable fluid can be used for some kind of cocktail.

In the beginning, an original cocktail was just a simple mix of some spirit, sugar, water and bitters.

Later we can notice an enormous evolution in experimenting and discovering of all kinds of cocktails, using for a good delicious cocktail all kind of spirits, juices, additives, and garnishing ornaments...

It is not easy to describe a short history of the cocktail. So the origin of the cocktail will still be disputed.

In the UK the first recordings about cocktails have been found in 1798, and in the US in 1803. But for sure, the cocktail will be "older".

And where comes the "name" from?...

There are as many explanations of the name "cocktail" as there are explanations of every particular cocktail on itself.

The most recurrent and popular story is the story of the rooster tail, or "cock tail".

Colours of a lot of cocktails do refer to the colours of a cock tail.

HOW to prepare YOUR favorite delicious cocktail?

I don't have the intention to write an all comprehensive encyclopedia of "cocktailing" or "bartending".

Making cocktails is a worldwide truly "art" of mixing all kinds of drinks, liquids, flavours, colours...

in different shaped glasses or cups...on many many ways.

How I make "my delicious cocktail"?

How I choosed through all years "my favorite cocktails"?

First (of course) I find some recipe in books or on internet.

So for the first time, I follow exactly the recipe ingredients, to tast the choosen cocktail.

After that, I start experimenting, changing a little bit the quantities, but also "my" ingredients,

to compose MY favorite mixed drink.

So you will find in my cocktail descriptions mostly:

"add some"...or..."add a little bit"...or..."add a shot of"...

Because, a tasty cocktail is always a personal matter.

You like more or less alcohol? You like more or less sweetness?

You like more or less this or that?

Enjoying cocktails, is for me, also enjoying the experimenting "before"...

You can take some of my presented recipes as "examples", but...

enjoy your own composing them yourself.

You will see 2 parts of "my favorite cocktails".

The first serie I like the most.

The second serie I like too, but not so much as the first ones.

At the End of this Lens, there is a space for a THIRD SERIE of Cocktails,

those ones, YOU LIKE...Just send them to me, and I will publish them

in the "cocktail corner of my guests".

serie 1

my 11 most

popular cocktails

Born to be Wild

* fill a highball glas 1/2 full with ice cubes

* add a shot of tequila, vodka and pisang ambon

* add some white lemonade (7-up or Sprite)

* at the end: add some lime juice

* stirr gently a little bit

* garnish with a slice of lemon or orange (or a stick with a cherry)


* cut 2 limes in little parts and add them in a lower highball glass

* add 2 tablespoons of cane sugar

* muddle to mix the lime juice with the sugar

* fill with ice cubes, and pitu cachaça

* stirr well

This cocktail is an Brazilian drink, originally used as a medicine against flu. Ingredients are: cachaça drink, lime, granulated cane sugar and ice. The name is derivated from the word caipira, a scolding term for unskilled countryside female workers


* prepare the strawberry coulis: mix 6 strawberries with 1 cl sugar water and juice of 1/4 of lime in a blender

* muddle some lime parts with cane sugar in a cocktail glass

* add 4,5 cl of vodka and 5 cl of the prepared strawberry coulis

* fill the glass with crushed ice and stirr well

* garnish with some straws and a strawberry

The Caipirosa is based on the Caipirinha, replacing the Cachaça with Vodka, and adding strawberry coulis

Green Christmas Devil

Prepare Green Christmas Devil in a punchbowl

* 1 bottle of champagne, or cava, or other sparkling wine

* 1 cup of strong tea

* juice of 2 lemons

* 1 dl sugar

* 1/2 glass of cognac

* 1/2 glass of curaçao

* 1/2 glass of rum

* add about 1/2 liter of ice cubes in the punchbowl and gently mix all ingredients in it

* when serving: dilute this cocktail with some soda, as much you like in a glass with ice cubes


Shooter or Cocktail

ingredients for the Honolulu (Shooter)

* 30 ml of gin

* 1 tea spoon pineapple juice

* 1 tea spoon orange juice

* 1 tea spoon lemon juice

* 1 tea spoon pineapple syrup

* 1 drop Angostura®

* shake those ingredients in a shaker with some ice

* strain in a shot glass

to serve this "Honolulu Shooter"

To transform this cocktail into a Honolulu Cocktail?

* use the same ingredients, maybe a little bit more,

* and strain described ingredients on ice cubes into a "sugar-rimmed" cocktail glass

* garnished with a twist of lemon peel

Angostura is a secret blend of rare tropical herbs and spices, developed by Surgeon General Dr. J. Siegert (1824).


* add 3 teaspoons of cane sugar in a highball glass with the juice of a half lime

* add a half of lime in little parts and some mint leaves

* muddle gently (muddler), to mix the mint and lime flavours with the sugar

* add your favorite rum (dominican ron barcelo) and stirr with added crushed ice

* fill the glass with soda

* garnish with stirrer, 2 straws, and some mint leaves

The Mojito Cocktail is a Cuban drink, based on rum, lime juice, cane sugar, soda and mint. There are different versions of explanations. In the beginning it would have been used as a medicine. The name would be derived from mojo sauce mixed with lime juice, or from the Spanish word mojado (= wet).

Pantera Rosa

* put some lemon juice over the rim of the glass, and turn it in some sugar

* add some ice cubes or crunched ice

* a shot of white rum, diluting it with pineapple juice

(* if you like; add at the end slowly some grenadine without mixing it)

Pantera rosa or Pink panter is prepared with different ingredients. There is a Pink panter based on Cointreau, Pasoa and grapefruit juice, but there are also combinations with Malibu.

Love in the City

* 80 ml alizé red passion

* 40 ml vodka

* 40 ml cranberry juice

* mix those ingredients with some ice cubes in a blender, or shake them in a shaker

* finishing touch: garnish with a slice of lemon or some fruit you like

Love on the Beach

* add in a cocktail glass 30 ml vodka and 30 ml peach liquor over some ice cubes

* complete the glass with a mix of orange juice, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice

* garnish with 2 straws and a little umbrella, a slice of lemon or a cherry

This cocktail is a kind of a Woo Woo cocktail, just with more juices in the composition. It is very popular on tropical beaches. Some story goes back to 1987, when in Florida started the selling of a new "peachy flavoured liquor". This cocktail is in those days known in many variations.

Tequila Sunrise

* pour a shot of tequila in a highball glass

* add some ice cubes

* if you like: add a shot of rum (dominican ron don barcelo is the best)

* fill the glass with orange juice

* most important: add slowly (at the end) some grenadine (or grenadine syrup) without mixing it

(the grenadine should go straight to the bottom and then rise up slowly through the drink)

* garnish with a slice of kiwi, orange, cherry, or lemon; add a stirrer, and straw, or little umbrella

There is the story of a Barkeeper from San Francisco, who explained to the owner of the Bar, he stayed the evening and night to admire the beautiful Evening Sunrise, to be inspired for a brand new Cocktail. To convince his boss, the Barkeeper just improvised the Tequila Sunrise ingredients. Meanwhile the Tequila Sunrise became one of the most favorite and also the most beautiful cocktail on the world, inspiring a lot of other cocktails.

The Sunny Pol

Sunny Pol

(my personal creation)

* add in a highball glass about 3 ice cubes or crunched ice

* add little shots of dominican rum (don barcelo añejo), tequila, pasoa

* fill the glass with orange juice, or multi-fruit juice

* at the end: add slowly lemon syrup and a little bit of grenadine without mixing it

History of this Sunny Pol? It is based on the existing sunny tropical cocktails, as there is Tequila Sunrise.

So many cocktails to choose...

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Some cocktails you can buy already prepared in bottlesA classic CaipirinhaA flashy CosmopolitanAll flavours are possible...All tastes and colours are possible...All shapes...enough to choose your favorite cocktail...Bartending is an "art"...(red-blue-white cocktails)Flaming cocktailsJust a delicious MojitoA sweet Pina Colada
Some cocktails you can buy already prepared in bottles
Some cocktails you can buy already prepared in bottles
A classic Caipirinha
A classic Caipirinha
A flashy Cosmopolitan
A flashy Cosmopolitan
All flavours are possible...
All flavours are possible...
All tastes and colours are possible...
All tastes and colours are possible...
All shapes...enough to choose your favorite cocktail...
All shapes...enough to choose your favorite cocktail...
Bartending is an "art"...(red-blue-white cocktails)
Bartending is an "art"...(red-blue-white cocktails)
Flaming cocktails
Flaming cocktails
Just a delicious Mojito
Just a delicious Mojito
A sweet Pina Colada
A sweet Pina Colada

Poll about Cocktails 1 - If you have some other favorite? Just send it to ADD on this Lens

Which one would be YOUR favorite?

See results

serie 2

another serie

of delicious


Amaretto Sunrise Crush

you need following ingredients:

* 40 ml amaretto

* 120 ml orange juice

* 20 ml grenadine

* 10 ml lemon juice

* about 6 ice cubes

* mix all those ingredients in a blender for few seconds

* serve in a cocktail glass

* garnish with a straw and a slice of orange

Batida de Coco

* mix 1 part of cachaça with 2 parts of coconut cream

* add crushed ice to fill the glass

* serving in a champagne saucer

* garnish with straw, umbrella, and a little slice of pineapple

Batida means "shaked" (Spanish). Batida de Coco is also like Caipirinha a very known cocktail in Brazil, based on the Brasilian Cachaça drink with coconut cream. Sometimes they add also leite condensado (condensed milk) to this cocktail. Batida de Coco is sometimes also served in little glasses, or in highball glasses

Black Russian

to prepare a shortdrink cocktail:

* mix 15 cc of coffee liquor with 45 cc of vodka in a glass

* add some ice cubes, and stirr gently

* serve this cocktail in a precooled cocktail glass with a stirrer

add more Coca Cola to have a "longdrink".

Adding to this black russian a little bit of whipped cream or milk, you can transform it to a delicious longdrink, known by the name "white russian". For a better taste, use as coffee liquor the Tia Maria, or Kahlua.

This cocktail is probably launched in 1940, referring to the political relations with Russia.

Caribbean Screwdriver

your ingredients:

* 15 ml peach liquor

* 15 ml banaba cream

* 15 ml malibu

* 60 ml orange juice

* 30 ml pineapple juice

* 30 ml whipped cream

* mix all those ingredients with some ice cubes in a shaker

* serve in a highball glass with 2 ice cubes

* garnish with a slice of lemon and a straw

The history of this cocktail goes back to the 40s. There is the story, this cocktail has been prepared first time by American temporary workers in the Iranian oil fields. They mixed their cocktail with a "screwdriver". Because of the many tastful and colourful juices, it became a "Caribbean screwdriver".


* prepare the Cupido cocktail in a whisky glass

* fill the glass half with cherries (5-10 at least)

* add over the cherries 1 little bottle of Flügel drink (energy drink based on vodka)

* fill the glass with cassis liquor

* garnish with a little stick or fork to eat the cherries

Garden of Eden

* muddle 1/3 of kiwi with 1 tea spoon of cane sugar until you see the juice

* add 2 cl of cinnamon syrup, 3 cl of lemon juice, and 4,5 cl vodka

* add some crushed ice, and shake firmly all those ingredients in a shaker

* remove the ice; sift the drinkmix in a precooled martini glass

* add some ice cubes

* garnish with a cinnamon stick and a twig of mint.

Le Rat Blanc

* add 5 cl absinthe liquor and 1,5 cl anis del mono liquor in a shaker

* shake it with some crushed ice

* remove the ice and sift the mix in an elegant precooled cocktail glass

* add some ice cubes to the glass

* garnish with star anise

Anis del Mono is a Spanish anis liquor.


* mix a little bit of banana creme liquor with a little bit of coffee creme liquor

* add some vaporized milk

* shake it firmly in a shaker with lots of ice

* serve in a highball glass, garnished with straw, a slice of pineapple and a cherry

I don't know anything about the origin of this cocktail. It was sended to me by a friend in Australia, telling me, the Maema Cocktail is a very famous cocktail in tropical locations. But I didn't found any records about it. Anyway, it tastes delicious fresh.

Malibu with Flugel

* add some ice cubes in a highball glass

* add 1,5 shot glass of malibu and a little bottle of flügel (energydrink based on vodka)

* fill the rest of the glass with Coca Cola (or Pepsi Cola).


ingredients you need:

* 2 parts of white tequila

* 1 part of triple sec

* 1 part of lime juice

* a slice of lime

* crushed ice and salt

* rub the slice of lime over the rim of the precooled cocktail glass and turn the glass in a little bit of salt

* shake the drink ingredients in a shaker and use a strainer to fill the mix into the glass

* garnish with a fresh slice of lime

The Margarita cocktail is a Mexican cocktail (belonging to the "shortdrinks"). It isn't clear who invented the recipe, but it seems, the Margarita is a cleaner way to drink Tequila. Based on "tequila" the Margarita and the Tequila Sunrise are the best known tequila-cocktails.

There are some names, all known as the inventors of the Margarita.

Francisco Morales was a Texan barkeeper, who experimented and finally would have invented this cocktail (1942).

Margaret Sames, a bar owner in Acapulco, used Cointreau as main ingredient in the late 40s.

Carlos Herrera, a barkeeper from Tijuana (1938) gave the name of a dancing actress to this cocktail (Majorie King). Because she didn't like to drink pure tequila, he prepared for her this margarita cocktail mix.

William Grimes wrote a book about cocktails (Straight Up or On the Rocks: The Story of the American Cocktail), stating the Margarita was already in the 30s a very famous cocktail.

Probably the Tijuana-version should be the most real.

Napoleon cocktail

for this champagne cocktail you need:

* 1 shot glass of mandarin liquor

* 1,5 shot glass of orange juice

* champagne

* put about 5 ice cubes in a shaker, and add the mandarin liquor with the orange juice

* shake it firmly for a short time

* serve in an elegant glass using a strainer

* add the champagne to fill the glass

* garnish with a thin small orange peel

Piña Colada

ingredients to prepare piña colada:

* 30 ml white rum (or 20 ml white and 10 ml dark rum)

* 30 ml coconut cream (or batida de coco with some malibu)

* 90 ml (fresh) pineapple juice

* crushed ice

* mix all ingredients in a blender, until you have a fluid mix

* the coconut cream must been mixed very well with the other ingredients

* if you use batida de coco, you can use a shaker, and shake all just for a few seconds

* add your cocktail through a strainer into the precooled highball glass

* garnish with a slice of pineapple, little umbrella, and straw

This cocktail is a typical Hawaiian cocktail, famous for the coconut cream. You can also replace it by some coconut liquor. In Spanish piña colada means : "strained pineapple". The history tells, this cocktail would be invented in 1954 by a barkeeper in San Juan. This cocktail is the national drink in Puerto Rico, and one of the most popular cocktail in the world. To serve a more "tropical" version? Just fill a hollowed pineapple or coconut with this cocktail.

Poll about Cocktails 2 - If you have some other favorite? Just send it to ADD on this Lens

Is there a favorite cocktail for YOU?

See results

serie 3

this is YOUR spot

favorite cocktails

added by other lensmasters

Here will be published the first GUEST cocktail

Who wants to send me a special cocktail, to be published here?

Just send me the "ingredients", how to "prepare" the cocktail, and some "picture"?

I will include the link to your "profile"...Thanks in advance for your participation.

COCKTAIL Duel Debate

Do you like once in a while a delicious Cocktail?...or?...

YES - Why not; for some special occasion...

YES - Why not; for some special occasion...

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    • poldepc lm 4 years ago

      ...enjoy the cocktailz...:)

    • Felicitas 4 years ago

      Sure! Especially now that I know where to come for the best cocktails.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I usually like a traditional gin martini -- I love the glass.

    • poldepc lm 4 years ago

      for me: YES...and what is a special occasion? a sunny day?...a lazy free afternoon? ...a lazy sunday?...

    NO - Never; just some softdrink, water, smoothie...

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      • poldepc lm 4 years ago

        or you make cocktails with very little of alcohol?...or just make them without alcohol...:)

      • floppypoppygift1 4 years ago

        No, I don't drink very much at all- it gives me headaches! Boo! Cheers~cb

      What is/are YOUR favorite Cocktail(s)? - You can send it to me to be added on this Lens

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        • Dusty2 LM profile image

          Dusty2 LM 4 years ago

          Even though I don't go for or drink cocktails you have a nice selection you have shared in this lens. I can't remember the last time i had a cocktail. Again, Thank You for stopping by a couple of my lenses and giving them a "thumb up". I really appreciate it. Slainte! (^_-)

        • poldepc lm profile image

          poldepc lm 4 years ago

          @Craftymarie: thx for your nice comment; just try them all :)

        • Craftymarie profile image

          Marie 4 years ago

          Pina Colada is my favorite cocktail and I like it with and without alcohol. Nice fruity cocktails are very refreshing. You've got some yummy recipes here.