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Calories and Metabolism

Updated on October 5, 2015

Some easy tips to burn calories and loose weight

Estimated Calories Per Day

What is a calorie?

Calorie is a unit of energy which measures the amount of energy contributed to your body by the food we ate.It may also be considered as a measure of heat energy produced at the time the food is being processed by our body during the metabolism .

There are two kinds of calories that we consume ,the bad calories or good calories

Food that contribute to good calories are those which provide energy as well as nutrition ,example, a guava may provide 100 calories along with its rich deposits of minerals and vitamins ,or a lime water provide health and calorie both ,but if soft drink is consumed it may give you quick calories as it is easily absorbed to give out energy.similarly a small packet of potato chips may give off 200 calories ,but they are void of all the nutrients.

Is it true that gaining calories means gaining weight?

Weight gain is determined by the total calories consumed compared to total amount of calories spent or burnt by our body, total number of calories that we burn through our exercise or by our physical work ,Thus it is if the ratio of intake and out put is not balanced then we end up storing excess calories in a shape of fat ,and finally end up with those extra kilos on our body in a form of fats

How are we affected by the extra calories intake?

Today most of us are living a modern lifestyle with erratic food habits and lack consistency in all that we do ,we consume more calories that we burn ,and before we realize it is too late and the calories have taken the shape of fat deposits in our body resulting in unwanted weight gain ,which make us look ugly and worst of all it is associated with uncalled serious health problems such as diabetes ,heart attack obesity blood pressure high cholesterol and many more.

How do you calculate the calories you need per day?

We will need the following information to calculate the requirement /day

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Activity level

Why we need to keep the intake of calories under control ?

The key to a longer and healthier life is to keep your calorie intake under control ,today getting rid of those extra calories is not that difficult as it was thought to be .There are few very important tips which can help to burn extra calories .

  • Take stairs instead of lifts .
  • Park your car further in your parking lot
  • Start your day with 20 minutes morning walk
  • Play active sports with the younger children .
  • Get up to pick the phone
  • Get up to open the door when someone comes
  • Water your plants if you have some
  • and never have crash diet ,it will make you weak instead eat healthy that will gather calories only and not accumulate fat in your body.
  • Try and reduce your sugar intake
  • Have plenty of water it helps to dissolve cholesterol
  • Do yoga to keep fit and burn extra calories
  • Have 3 lemon juice daily(thrice a day) it helps to cut stubborn fats
  • Drink warm water before and after meal for 3 months ,if required you may extend this .
  • Try and eat fruits and salads and fiber rich food that will increase your metabolism and also provide roughage .
  • Have triphala in the morning which have been soaked overnight
  • Have juice of bottle gourd every day empty stomach
  • Take small meals every 2 hours.


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 4 years ago

      sasha,,you need to check on this

      stop eating rice , fast food and soft drink instead eat brown rice if you want and for roti start eating roti made from corn flour called makkai ka aatt which you can get at general store .

      stop sugar intake an have fruits instead and non veg sometimes will do.

      do 20 mins brisk walk everyday and balance your calorie intake with use of calories by your body ..

    • profile image

      sasha 4 years ago

      mam i m 19 years old , bengali girl , i eat plain rice 2 times a day and in morning i eat one roti and 1 cup of tea . in snacks i eat fast foods ,soft drinks or egg pudding . i drink water very few not more than one glass a day . but last 1 week i was drinking 3 liter water every day . i checked my weight i gained 2 kilos extra . i want to know will i lose weight if i

      _ drink 3 liter water every day

      _ 3 times warm water with lemon

      _ stop eating rice , fast food and soft drink

      _ stop sugar intake and non veg .

      i need to lose 10-15 kilos before june

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      ahbless,your are correct we have to learn to control our food habits.

    • ahbless profile image

      ahbless 6 years ago

      Knowing about calories is good, but we need self-control to eat right.

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      vocalcoach ,thanks for your encouraging comment .

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 7 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Very good information on calories. I love these tips and plan to use them. Rated high up! Enjoy your day lotuslove19