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Exotic Drink Recipes from Honduras – Horchata

Updated on February 15, 2012

Ah! When you take a sip of this truly exotic Caribbean drink that is all you will say. Horchata is one of the best drinks to come out of Central America. Horchata is not known around the world, but they are truly missing one of the spectacular drinks that you have ever had. It is natural, healthy and taste terrific. Here, are lists of the things that go in it if you would like to try it.



Sesame Seeds



Optional - Tiger nuts (for those that are lactose intolerant)

The drink has been made in Honduras for quite some time. It is usually homemade and contains the above ingredients. There are many Honduran drinks that you can make, but for a traditional and unique drink of Honduras nothing can beat a homemade Horchata. Many have tried to change the traditional recipe as it has spread, but the ingredients they try to add or remove from it does not make a decent Horchata.

The drink is a flavorful and usually has a Tan milky color to it. Many people are not able to drink milk at all, so they actually use a substitute instead. The substitute they use is the tiger nut. Even without the milk and the use of a tiger nut somehow the Hondurans have made it work together magnificently. It is still highly nutritional and best if you serve it Ice Cold. I am sure if you try you will make it again, as this is after all one of Honduras’s traditional and exotic drinks.

Of course, with today’s instant satisfaction making a homemade drink is clearly a time waster. So, what people have become to buy is Horchata in a box, can, or drink bottle. This simply will not due. Many companies try and do make Horchata that you can get off most store shelves even in the U. But, it will never match up to the ultimate taste, quality, and nutrition of a truly organic homemade Horchata made from scratch.

The drink has caught on exceedingly well and even many restaurants are selling a copy, but it does not taste the same. Every time I have tried one that is not homemade, I just wonder how much they can keep destroying this incredible Honduran drink. The Horchata drink in the U.S eve uses rum to give it a little kick I prefer not to have rum in my milk.

So, for a truly delightful Honduran drink, remember to make it at home with the proper ingredients. Sit back and enjoy a truly exotic drink from a land faraway that will entice your senses, keep you healthy and help you relax.


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  • Claudia Tello profile image

    Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

    In Mexico we eat lots of Horchata made basically with rice, I don’t know the exact recipe but it does not have so many ingredients as your Honduran recipe does. It has a dirty-white color and it is delicious and very refreshing.