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BALOT:Exotic Egg?Try this!!!

Updated on April 28, 2010


example of a street vendor of balot
example of a street vendor of balot
adobong balot!!wow!!
adobong balot!!wow!!

Exotic Balot...

Are you a kind of person, who eats everything?Does not care of the appearance of what you eat?Does not care how messy you will look by eating such food?And lastly enjoy unusual or exotic foods?

Have you tried BALOT? I don't know what this means or called in other country. But here in the Philippines, it's called balot.

Balot is a fertilized egg of a duck with partially developed embryo inside.

Balot contains protein.

You can find balot everywhere in the Philippines. This is mostly sold by streetvendors. vendors sell balot out of buckets of sand to retain warmth with small pockets of salt.

How to cook balot:

The best balot to cook is 17 days old duck egg. The eggs are harvested from 16 to 20 days. Normally the hatching incubation period is 26 to 28 days.

> gently boil the eggs for 20 to 30 minutes.

>and then--Puesto!!enjoy it warm, not cold.

How to Enjoy eating Balot:

>with an exotic food in front of you, it will be best to prepare the best sauce to add the enjoyment.

>I usually prepare vinegar, with a pinch of salt, sliced garlic and red chilli to add spice(which I only get from our yard)

>first, crack a little hole on the rounder part of the cell.(The soft one)

>Then put a little of spicy vinegar you prepared.Shake a little.

>then sip it. The salty & spicy juice of balot. (It will taste a little spicy because of your spicy vinegar but it's delicious!)

>After sipping, you can now remove the white shell which uncovers the partially developed embryo or sometimes not just emryo but baby duck already with feathers!!

>Don't hesitate to eat it!!it taste great!

>And don't forget to dip it to your spicy vinegar..

Woooh!!it's my favorite..Just a thought makes me salivate...LOL!



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    • profile image

      kira 7 years ago


      I also like balot.....

      but i don't like the 5th picture its............O_oewwww

    • schizolady03 profile image

      schizolady03 7 years ago from Philippines


      thanks for appreciating my hub..

      check out also my hub about chicken intestine..

    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 7 years ago from Philippines

      Wow, I like balot. Balot is meant to be eaten in the dark if you don't want to clearly see what you are eating. LOL.

      Dont like the 5th pic but still a great hub. And yummy

    • schizolady03 profile image

      schizolady03 7 years ago from Philippines


      it's's also my reaction the first time i saw it..actually i was hesitant to eat it at my first time,but when i tried really tastes good..

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

      No offense but this is disgusting!