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Exotic Fruits You May Want To Try

Updated on November 16, 2009

There are many exotic fruits available around the world which you may have not tried or heard of.In this hub I will list some of these fruits which may be available in your area.Exotic Fruits have also been known as super fruits as they contain high amounts of nutrients and have nutritional benefits.Many of these fruits may not be available in your area or are mostly seasonal fruits.


The abiu originally comes from peru and brazil and grows in humid areas.This fruit is related to the star apple and helps treat respiratory conditions.The abiu is round in shape and bright yellow with a smooth skin.The flesh is white and has up to 4 seeds depending on size.

The abiu has a vanilla taste and has also been described to taste like creme caramel.To enhance the taste of this fruit it is best to eat it chilled.Cut the fruit in half and use a spoon to eat the flesh.


Giant Granadilla.

The Giant Granadilla is the largest fruit of the passionfruit family.This fruit looks like a melon and tastes similar to a pear.When unripe this fruit can be cut up and cooked like a vegetable and is also being used to make wine in Australia.The flesh from the giant granadilla can treat conditions such as migraines,asthma,diarrhea and insomnia.

giant granadilla
giant granadilla

Black Sapote.

The Black Sapote originates in Mexico and grows in tropical areas such as Australia.When this fruit is ripe it is brown in color and tastes like chocolate.The black sapote is usually used in cooking to add flavour to icecreams,preserves,cakes,muffins and also used in fruit wine.This fruit is also known as chocolate pudding fruit.

Black Sapote
Black Sapote

Rose Apple.

The Rose Apple also known as plum rose or water apple and smells like rose water, they can be found in India and south east asia.When ripe the fruit is pink in color and crunchy,  it has hard seeds inside the fruit which makes a rattle noise when shaken.

The rose apple is often used in jams and can also be cooked to make a dessert and has also been known to be a brain and liver tonic especially in India.

Rose Apples
Rose Apples


Exotic Fruits such as Jaboticaba can be found growing in southern Brazil and is related to the guavaberry.It is a fruit that looks similar to grapes with a thick skin and grows directly on the tree trunks.The fruit is tasty with a grape flavour and also used for jams and wine.To eat this fruit squeeze it between two fingers until the pulp comes out and put it in your mouth.



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    • sutrapu profile image

      sutrapu 8 years ago from kuwait

      very beautiful pictures.

    • terrowhite profile image

      terrowhite 8 years ago

      Cool pictures and great hub.. I am tempted to eat these fruits now lol..

    • Katelyn Weel profile image

      Katelyn Weel 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Wow I've never heard of any of these! If I ever come across one of them, I'll be sure to give it a taste. Nice work and beautiful pictures.

    • Eleanor Candy profile image

      Eleanor Candy 8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks emievil for your comment and I also learned a lot about these types of exotic fruits.

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      Nice hub and nice pictures, too! I've never really tried any of these fruits but the red apple sure look familiar. I think we have one of that here but it has a local name. Thanks for this hub.