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Updated on December 14, 2009

Fish is a perishable items. When you bought it from the market it is no longer fresh. If you buy more kilos of fish enough for a week you have to stored it properly. Freezing is the only method most effective. It can ensure that the fish stored can extend from its perishable life much longer. This are the method most useful in freezing for good result.

What you will do is to wash the fish with water thoroughly to remove the odors. Next, you have to remove fish scales, gills and entrails. You have to wash again to remove blood left inside. Cut it into a smaller portion. Keep it dry before packing.

Use a freezer paper in packing cleaned fish. Never use any other alternative packing materials to avoid penetration of bacteria. It can also prevent the fish from dehydration or discoloration due to longer exposure from cold. This freezer paper can solve this problem as an ideal packaging materials for the freezer.

When you stored a fish don't use any acidic materials. It can cause immediate spoilage. The use of oil or butter as thin coating before freezing will do. The freezer wrapper can seal the edge so that whatever application you made inside the wrapper can retain its freshness.

Wrap the fish tightly so that air can be block from entering inside the wrapper that can cause soilage to the fish.

Use a system of monitoring your pack wrappers by labeling the date of purchase. If you pack another batch of fish you bought at least you will know what batch of packing you have to remove first in the freezer. By using the first in-first out system you can be sure of fish freshness.

Another technique you can do is to pack the fish by 3's or 4's, so that you can pulled this out completely. No need for you to re-wrap again if it contain many cuts. The purpose is to avoid contamination of bacteria when outside the freezer.

Thaw the fish including its wrapper with water then cook it immediately to retain freshness. Long exposure to the air of delayed cooking can multiply the bacterial growth.

Using microwave oven in cooking is most beneficial because of its fastness in defrosting.

Follow this simple tips and you can be assured that at time you cook the fish for your table it is good and fresh. 


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