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Foods Dietitlans Will Never Eat

Updated on August 8, 2015

The work of dieticians is to examine ingredients in foods to determine what is best for our bodies and what is not. If they discover that a certain kind of food is not good for the body. dieticians won't eat it and we shouldn't either. Let us examine the following foods that dieticians won't touch.


Margarine is not as healthy as we previously thought. This is because hydrogenating vegetable oil to make margarine creates Trans fats which reduces healthy HD cholesterol and increases unhealthy LDL cholesterol that increases the ‘risk of heart disease. If you must use I margarine then buy those that are free of Tran's fat, high in unsaturated fat an low in saturated fat.

Fat Free Foods

To compensate for lack of fats, fat free foods are loaded with sugar which is a worse alternative to healthy unsaturated fat. In moderation, unsaturated fats are beneficial to the heart. In addition, eating simple carbohydrates along with healthy fats stabilizes your blood sugar, unlike eating carbohydrates on their own which increases blood sugar.

Processed Meats

Dieticians and heart disease experts have discovered that consuming processed meats, such as sausages, hot dogs, ham and bacon raises the risk of diabetes by 19 percent and the risk of heart disease by 42 percent. These meats contain large amounts of unhealthy saturated fats and the preservative sodium nitrate that has been linked to causing different types of cancer

Fried Foods

Dieticians rarely eat fried foods as they tend to be high in unhealthy Trans and saturated fats. In addition to these fats increasing your risk of stroke and heart disease,

Trans fats lower good HDL fats and both fats raise bad LDL cholesterol. Stick to foods rich in good mono and polyunsaturated fats such as fish, nuts, avocados and seeds. When cooking food, boiling, grilling and poaching should be your preferred cooking methods instead of frying.

Fast Food

Most fast foods are excessively processed and therefore low in nutrients and high in fats. Processed foods also tend to be very soft and therefore require very little chewing. This results in decreased feelings } of fullness after eating as less sensory involvement with the food occurs while eating.

Frozen Meals

Although sometimes I convenient, many frozen foods do not contain well balanced nutrients. Dieticians have discovered that, apart from some better option frozen meals especially from health food stores, other frozen foods contain insufficient protein and too much carbohydrate which leave people hungry soon after eating. You are better off cooking a big portion of healthy food such as grilled vegetables and chicken then freezing single servings to heat up later when needed.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Coffee has huge benefits as it is high in antioxidants, can prevent liver cancer and protect against Type 2 diabetes. However, adding extra things to coffee such as sugar and cream reduces its benefits as these are loaded with empty calories. Opt for black coffee with a tiny amount of reduced fat milk as and a little honey or stevia.


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