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Fabulous Sugar Cookies

Updated on April 13, 2010

Sugarlicious Good

So, this week has been QUITE the test with sugar cookies. I needed to find a cookie that was not only good tasting and soft, but stiff enough to hold on a cookie stick and be able to be cut thick enough to get the stick in as WELL as not spreading. It was impossible I decided. I failed.... FOUR times! 

My brother Jimmy who sent me the most fabulous bunny carrot cookies ever, recommended her sugar cookie recipe. I was wary. After failing four times in a row, who wouldn't be!? But for some reason, after I said I was going to give up, I tried again and I am SOOOO glad I did. It's not only the fact that you cream the butter for so long, which I think really helped, but the proportions are PERFECT and the idea of the vanilla, almond and lemon subtleties work together so well it's almost scary. I know think Jimmy is a serious genius. These cookies are Sugarlicious Good!



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