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Fake Faux Meat Recipes A Vegetarian Can Cook Quickly!

Updated on February 10, 2013
High in protein, soy pepperoni from Lite Life makes for a fast, and nutritious way to enjoy a long-forgotten pizza experience.
High in protein, soy pepperoni from Lite Life makes for a fast, and nutritious way to enjoy a long-forgotten pizza experience.

Good Sources of Quick Protein

Fun, easy meatless / meat free recipes for vegetarians to easily cook and heartily enjoy!

Protein is important for Vegetarians!

I’ve been a Vegetarian since I was eleven years old. Back then, the closest I got to the hamburger experience was when I was on a field trip and the class stopped at McDonald’s to eat. One of the teachers told me to remove the meat and eat the bun since I was a "vegetarian". Fast Forward fifteen years, and I get overwhelmed by the options available to vegetarians these days. Maybe not completely overwhelmed, but definitely not under whelmed.

Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree by being both a full time student and a full time employee. Needless to say, food took something of a backseat to work. But I did end up finding a few quick ways to eat on the fly. Here are some ideas for quick FAUX FAKE (however you want to phrase it) Meatless Meals.

1. Spike’s Ballpark Dogs (Vegetarian Hot Dogs)

There is a specialty hot dog shop in Providence RI, that you may be familiar with if you’re a Southern New Englander. They offer vegetarian LiteLife Smart Dogs as one of their options. They really know hot dogs and they use Smart Dogs, and so I recommend Smart Dogs to you. Furthermore, I recommend you try making one of Spike’s Ballpark dogs yourself. What you need:

Take a Smart Dog, chop up some onions, and get some grated cheddar, and some yellow (or fancy) mustard. What you do:

Put the vegetarian hot dog in the bun, put the mustard on the dog and the bun, throw on some onions, and then the cheese. Throw this in the toaster to heat and melt. Then enjoy. You’ve got some protein here, some onion (onions offer fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium!), and some flavor. So try one or a few. I think I could eat these for days on end. I think I have.

For more ideas on specialty hot dogs, check out's Hot Dog Home Page with lots and lots of recipes! Only, substitute a real hot dog for a vegetarian hot dog!

2. Meatless Meatball Grinder

(or a Meatball Sub, or Hoagie or a what-have-you).

A meatball grinder. Man, they’re good. And I’d forgotten just how good they are until one day I was at the grocery store and saw MEATLESS MEATBALLS! in a fellow shopper’s cart. I frantically searched the store until I stumbled across them in the produce section sitting next to the tofu. First, I tried them in pasta. They add protein to the pasta and make the meal a little more filling. A few days later I was at the restaurant where I waitress, and was delivering a meatball sub to a table when it seemed to be whispering to me, “Eat me”. I remembered my fake meatballs and I vowed that yes, I would eat a meatball sub. What you need:

Veggie Patch Meatballs. Sub Rolls. Pasta Sauce. Mozzarella. Possibly Sautéed Onions and Green Peppers.

What You Do: Heat up the meatless meatballs in the sauce. Then open up a sub roll, put your meatballs in. Pour the sauce on top. Add the cheese. Toast. Ta-Da!

3. Vegetarian PEPPERONI Pizza.

Yes, pepperoni pizza. Buy this pepperoni, and put it on a frozen cheese pizza…On an English muffin pizza…On a pita pizza….And enjoy.

And for a slightly more elaborate vegetarian dish utlizing Kale and Fake Sausage, wander over here

You also might want to check out another article I wrote about how to save money on grocery bills, as being a Vegetarian can get expensive.

Thank you for visiting this article. Hope you enjoy cooking the vegetarian meatless / meat-free recipes on this page. If you have some ideas for other recipes or how to improve these vegetarian recipes, please feel free to comment. Thanks!


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    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 10 years ago from New Brunswick

      I was a vegetarian for many years and have tried a number of faux meat dishes, most were quite tasty, some not so much, good info.

    • Lela Davidson profile image

      Lela Davidson 10 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas

      These are great ideas. Thanks!

    • Terri Paajanen profile image

      Terri Paajanen 10 years ago from someplace in Canada

      Oh, you gotta love Yves veggie burgers. They are wonderful and delicious, and even have nice fake grill lines on them. I can hardly tell they're not meat.

      Your pepperoni link is missing its URL :)