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How Having a Family is a lot like Running a Restaurant

Updated on March 11, 2016


How Having a Family is a lot Like Running a Restaurant

I know what you’re thinking, how could having a family possibly be anything like running a restaurant? How could someone truly compare a family with running a restaurant? Well for those of you who are in the industry you should be able to relate, but for those who aren’t in the industry sit back and enjoy the connection.

To many, having a family is everything, but it does have its ups and downs. It becomes tiring and at times overwhelming to have to watch a younger brother or sister when the parents leave. Lets not forget that constant desire to make your family proud of everything you have accomplished. Well, just like babysitting and the desire to prove yourself to your loved ones, a restaurant requires the same love. We will say Management will play the role as the parent who has to watch over every staff member of both the dining room and kitchen. Management is the parent every employee wants to impress in hopes for maybe a pay raise or a simple “good job”. Just as in the same sense that parents are constantly rewarding their young ones with say, five dollars for taking out the trash or even a good job for getting that “A” on last week's homework assignment, restaurant staff has that same connection. What we can neglect to realize is how close of a family we really are.

Family is the definition of whatever one may make it out to be or what they believe if anything. In my words I believe family is what makes someone happy, very special people who someone can fall back onto when things fail and having a family to continue to push and guide someone to success. In the restaurant, managers are trained to help motivate and push each other to reach the same common goal. Success. Like a family, parents push their kids to reach for the stars and never think twice about giving up. Running a restaurant has that same connection but with more of a tough love kind of situation. Our bosses will push us to be at our very best and yell at us at our worse. Parents will clean your clothes and tell you be careful for what puddle you step in. Management will point out the obvious mistake while joking about it, but deep down we all know how serious they really are. Parents will wash your mouth out with soap if you dare act like that again. We’re blind to see that both parenting and managing are one in the same.

No parent was ever trained to be the best parent, but they adapt and overcome obstacles thrown at them. Revenues are down so management adapts and focuses on solutions instead of excuses. Restaurants are like a giant lunchroom full of gossip just as if you were home ready to tell on whoever ate the last chip. Drama will never leave a restaurant nor will it leave a family. We’re all presidents in our own mind trying to dictate what’s right from what's wrong. It’s the tough love; respect and having each other’s back through it all that connect both a family and a restaurant.

In a restaurant everyone is forced to do something while they work whether they like it or not. It’s like Mom telling you to do dishes when you clearly had other plans. Sure I’ll roll silverware because me going to the bathroom and texting wasn’t more important. We are trained to follow a structured path and you may not realize it until after you’ve read this but we all do work for the same common goal. Success. When a server cries we can't help but want to help even If we want to laugh a little. It's like taking a piece of candy from your sibling and giving it back before they cry to avoid getting in trouble. What I love most about this comparison is how at the end of the day we all motivate each other to get through the “rush” or a “break up”. I love how we could goof off about how one customer was wearing bright neon color clothes and how our brother got a bad haircut. I love how no matter what happens whether it is good or bad we still have each other’s back and will always have love for each other no matter what. So I ask you this. What is your definition of family?


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 17 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      having a big family who has strong family bonding is important, my in law bonding is broken down, even with 9 adults children, they are weak in bonding