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Fast Food- Journey from past to present

Updated on February 6, 2012

Food industry is one of the largest growing industries these days. Food products and drink industry holds second position after Manufacturing when it comes to growth. Fast-food or junk food as we call it today is the most loved foods among all nations. Talk about its advertising, manufacturing and consumption all have an increasing trend. US alone spent 33$ billion in advertising it and most of it was targeted towards the youth. Fast-food ads have become the most watched ads among children. They are irresistible and not good for our health we all know it and so this article is not about their pros and cons. Amidst all protests and defense for fast-food let’s just enhance our knowledge about its history, some of the very firsts restaurants which are now our favorites and some interesting facts about it.

Fast-food earned its name because of the fact that it was a quick to serve food in restaurants and we called it junk because of lack of nutrients. The origin cannot be defined definitely since some form of it was present all over the world. It was America which revolutionized this industry and turned it into a gold mine and hence is rightly called the fast-food capital of the world. The very first fast-food store which opened was in New York by a German Butcher and the first commercialized fast-food was Hot Dogs. It became so popular that it is still considered one of the most loved foods amongst Americans.

Some of the very first fast-food restaurants developed in the early nineteenth century. The first fast-food restaurant was named automat where prepared meals were kept behind glasses and were coins operated slots. The second restaurant which became famous and is sometimes referred as the first was called The White castle Restaurant in Kansas. It made hamburgers and burgers famous across the world. The owners of the white Castle built the base for the modern industry; some of the concepts used then are still applied by today’s restaurateurs. Then came in the KFC in 1930 which was then and till now finger-lickin’ good, McDonald’s made its appearance as a drive-in restaurant in 1940 in California and now be it US, UK, India, or any other nation it is one of the most sought after restaurants. From then there is no looking back for these fast-foods retailer. Burger king, Subway, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut are names which have been changing the figures of food industry regularly.

People like you and me buy fast-food as an option to healthy food and look for reasons to justify our action. It would be easy for us to now justify because these retailers are coming up with latest trends of adding nutritional ingredients in their menu or so as they advertise. The fish burgers are filled with Omega 3 oils, snacks are now whole grain so that makes us less guilty for eating it. There are some true and interesting facts about fast-food which could surprise most of us, but its true

· Hamburgers were once considered low quality food and were considered unsafe to eat.

· US have more than 300000 fast-food restaurants.

· McDonald’s is the largest employer in Brazil.

· The popularity of McDonald’s can be assessed by the fact that in Kuwait the waiting line of the cars was 7 miles long in one of its outlet.

· The idea of cup holder in a car’s dashboard was originated keeping in mind the growing popularity of the drive-thru.

· To burn the calories gained from the Burger King’s Double Whopper one would have to walk for nine miles.

· McDonald’s earns its profit not by selling food but by collecting rent. It is one of the largest owner of real estate in the world

No food is bad and the same goes with the fast-food it’s our habit of eating it regularly that has made it bad. Healthy lifestyle together with healthy diet makes a healthy tomorrow and in between small meals would just bring about a little change for our palate.


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