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Favorite Organic Energy Drinks

Updated on May 25, 2008
Coffee Fruit is an ingredient in Syzmo Organic Energy Beverage
Coffee Fruit is an ingredient in Syzmo Organic Energy Beverage

It seems like there's a new energy drink hitting the market every day. With so many different options, it's hard to know which type to buy. I figure that the best way to choose the best energy drinks is just to keep trying them until finding ones that taste great and seem to actually provide an energy boost.

Recommended Organic Energy Drinks

I've tried several of the new organic energy drinks, and so far Steaz and Syzmo have tunred out to be my favorites.

Syzmo Organic Energy Beverage

One of the things that makes Syzmo Organic energy beverage unique is the fact that it's made with coffee fruit. Whole coffee fruit is rich in a variety of healthful nutrients, including powerful antioxidants. Coffee fruit doesn't taste at all like coffee beans. Instead, this fruit has a mild flavor that blends very well with other ingredients. It's becoming much sought after as an ingredient for a variety of healthful foods and supplements.

All three flavors of Syzmo Organic Energy Beverage (prickly pear, passion, and original) contain coffee fruit. As an added bonus, you won't have to worry about a sugar spike with Syzmo Organic Evergy Beverage, as each flavor has a low glycemic index. The drinks have to refined sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives. If you're looking for a great tasting organic energy drink that will pick you up with no worries about getting the sugar jitters, Syzmo is a good option for you.

Steaz Energy Drink

If you're looking for a great organic pick me up, you'll definitely want to try Steaz Energy drink. There's something about the combination of ingredients in this particular beverage that makes it pack a particularly potent punch. I've tried energy drinks before that really didn't seem to pick me up. This one is the exact opposite. It does what it promises, and then some. I think it's the blend of acai and guarana, but it could be the caffeine. After all, the drinks are lightly carbonated and contain 80 milligrams of natural caffeine.

When you choose Steaz Energy, you can be comfortable that you're doing business with a company that makes social responsibility a priority. The company chooses to use organic ingredients sourced from small family farms engaged in sustainable and fair trade practices.

Any Suggestions?

Have you tried any great organic energy drinks lately? Feel free to post your suggestions and recommendations in the comments section below.



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