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Top 5 favorite bar drinks and how to make them.

Updated on March 21, 2012


So to start this off I will go over a few of my favorite drinks when going to the clubs or bars, and how you can easily imitate them at home. First i'll start with a very simple one.

Captain And Coke. This is a very simple, and classic drink that everyone is used to, and a very popular bar drink. This is personally my cocktail and drink of choice. I think this is very simple, has a good taste, and keeps you in the mood for either partying at a club, or hanging around a bar.

If you do enjoy drinking Captain Morgan, and Coca-Cola, here is how you go about making this at home.

First off you need to buy the ingredients. Next choose a glass that you enjoy drinking from, I don't suggest a Red Solo cup unless your looking for that college feeling, or at a cookout. But you can use any regular glass and your drink should come out the same. Next you should fill the glass halfway with ice.

Now pour the Coke and Captain into the cup at the same time. Be sure to try to keep either 1-1 parts of Captain to Coke ratio, or more Captain than Coke. Although some like light drinks to only add slight spice to their drink, the standard drink calls for 1-2 parts Captain for every part Coke.

Also be sure to stir not shake. You are using soda here, and if you decide to shake your drink you will surely end up with a mess.

Vodka and Red Bull

This is another classic club and bar drink. This is popular as a first drink to pick someone up who is expecting a long night at the bar. This is also very popular with the younger club scene, but either way this is a great way to start the night for anyone looking to find there way to a bar or club.

The how to make.

Following the similar instructions above, you should keep in mind that stirring this drink is better than shaking the drink.

You should add about 1-1 parts of Red Bull to the Vodka while pouring into a glass then stirring over ice, and then enjoying your drink.


Obviously, Arguably the most popular bar drink out there is beer. Although I do put this down on my list, as this is becoming less popular with the younger generation as more are drinking hard alcohol, and mixed drinks. Although this is still a classic, many are seeing the beer less and less at the club scene, and more at a restaurant level. Either way, a nice ice cold beer does hit the spot every once in a while, and therefore it still deserves a spot on my list. I must say that I will say that I am open to all beers, and try many different, kinds and will keep the controversy at a minimum by not saying any one particular beer is better than any other.


The Kamikaze

The Kamikaze shot, is personally my favorite bar and club shot. It has a pretty fruity taste, and is a great shot to compliment any drink. Also with the vast amount of ways to make the Kamikaze shot, every time you are guaranteed to have an experience that you will both like and notice differences. When I say there are different ways to make the shot, I mean, Sometimes Blue Curacao is used instead of Triple Sec, and sometimes different types of lime juices are used, or sweeteners.

Baby Guinness

The Baby Guinness shot is something not a lot of people have had, but is arguably one of the best and tastiest bar shots in my opinion. The ingredients are simply Patron XO Cafe, and topped with Bailey's Irish Cream to give the impression of a Guinness Draft beer. The shot itself taste like something you have as an after dinner drink, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try something new, or loves to have after dinner drinks.


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