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Finding Local Grass-Fed Meats through Eat Wild

Updated on October 18, 2009
Image is from the Eat Wild website.
Image is from the Eat Wild website.

A couple of years ago I discovered a wonderful website that helped us on our journey to eat more locally grown and raised foods, as well as the healthier grass-fed animals. I still refer to it any time I am looking to buy grass-fed meat. Eat Wild was founded in 2002 by Jo Robinson. Jo Robinson has several books out that look wonderful including Pasture Perfect and Why Grass-Fed is Best (next on my list to read).

Eat Wild is a website that helps connect farmers that raise grass-fed meat in a natural organic way with consumers who want to eat tastier and healthier meats. Initially we found several farms within an hour's drive of us that sold meats we were interested in. We made it to some of them over the course of a few months. It was so nice to be able to connect right with the farmer who raised the meat we brought home. We learned so much from this process.

Grass-fed meat can be pretty expensive, but it is so good for your health. We quickly realized, that while it was fun, it wasn't cost effective to make these long drives for a little bit of meat. Eventually, we connected with a couple of farmers to supply us with meat in a larger quantity. We purchased a half a pig last spring and 60 pounds of beef this summer. The pork was delivered right to our door - actually to our freezer as the farmer stocked it himself. What service! And it was so delicious compared to what you get from the store. We were able to meet with another farmer at a local farmer's market to buy beef in quantity from him. We received a 20% discount by purchasing a larger amount at once - making it about the same price as store bought, raised in a feedlot meat.

Without Eat Wild, we would not be eating such healthy meat. The website is very educational with lots of information about why grass-fed is best for people and animals. There is a state-by-state directory to help you find a farm near you. Purchasing food from a local source is better for you and better for the environment. And you can support small farmers directly. You can find almost any type of meat you are looking for as well as eggs, produce, honey and nuts at Eat Wild.

If you want to find a local to you source of the best meats available, the Eat Wild website is the first place I recommend people to look. It is so easy to use and we have had great success finding exactly what we want. We are now eating better meats than ever before and I love being able to support a local farmer.


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    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 7 years ago from Tampa Bay

      great info. thanks for sharing! I'm going to link to this on one of my hubs about organic foods. what a great web site!

    • Cedar Cove Farm profile image

      Cedar Cove Farm 8 years ago from Southern Missouri

      Our farm is listed at eat wild, also. Great site, indeed! thanks for the article, keep it up.

    • sukhera143 profile image

      sukhera143 8 years ago from Home

      Good hub.