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Finger Foods, Thailand & Cambodia Spiders, snakes and deep fried insects

Updated on December 11, 2015
Yummy, Breakfast time in Cambodia
Yummy, Breakfast time in Cambodia

Cambodia style cooking of deep fried bugs.

Finger foods from Thailand and Cambodia can give a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.Out go the corn on the cob and the stuffing, in comes the Kentucky Fried Tarantulas and the Crispy Locusts.

Poisonous Spiders and Venomous snakes are just mouth watering treats in many parts of Cambodia and Thailand. Sounds a bit sickening, but don't knock it till you've tried it. How about a lovely snake stew to keep you warm in those winter months, or a portion of beetles to help the digestion system cope with the unexpected delivery of foreign finger foods.

These venomous spiders and snake finger foods may not be the normal daily meal in the larger cities of Thailand or Cambodia, but when visiting certain areas, you may be offered snacks and meals which could turn your stomach just by looking at them.

They are deemed safe to eat, most of the time. Somethings in this world, according to many westerners, should not be eaten, and if they are not prepared and cooked properly, can give you diarrhea, food poisoning and even cause death.

Deep Fried Tarantula Spider
Deep Fried Tarantula Spider

Deep Fried Tarantula Spider

Not so much finger foods, more like leggy foods. This venomous spider delicacy is enjoyed in many towns and cities across Cambodia and Thailand. Tarantulas are caught and deep fried, the crispy critters don't stand a chance against a hungry Cambodian, who can chow down on twenty of them for breakfast, with a bit of salt, and they are full of protein.

The Thailand and Cambodian cuisine of tarantula spiders, is called 'A-ping', and you can usually find this delight from street vendors, freshly cooked, just after they have been harvested from their burrows.

The crispiest tarantula spider is possibly the best one to eat, as the stomach juices may of hardened a little, rather than opting for a plump one and getting a mouth full of Tarantula puss and intestine juice.

The spiders are usually deep fried and coated with a sugar solution, so as not to let the hairs on the legs tickle your throat. The best way to eat one is to snap a couple of legs off first, if you try to put the hole spider in your mouth, then it may seem alive as all the legs might prick the inside of your mouth as you bite down.

Once you have got your two legs, just pop them into your mouth and chew delightfully on the sugery flavor, Then wait till you absorb the tastes of the mouthwatering body, the flavour apparently is nutty, but that soon disappears into a tongue lashing of bile's and fluids that really should never have invaded your taste buds. Very healthy and possibly stomach churning, a must for a daredevil tourist.

Fried and Battered Grasshopper
Fried and Battered Grasshopper

Crunchy Grasshoppers

Cambodian and Thailand Cuisine allows for the cooking of, well anything really. Grasshoppers make a fine and tasty nutritious rich snack or as a side dish with meat. Cooked and skewered, these street treats are very popular and can cost about $0.15 cents, for a chunky deep fried threesome.

Cooked in a garlic and herb oil, and served with a sauce and a portion of rice to complete a lovely meal. These critters are also cooked in parts of Africa, South America and Mexico.

Grasshoppers can also be barbecued and can make a burger seem tasteless by comparison. Impress your guests next time you have a barbecue, and seek out the ultimate flavours of the world, I am so sure they will be impressed, they will be hunting their own grasshoppers the next day, after all, 5 million grasshopper eating people cannot be wrong, can they ?

Barbecued Snake Head
Barbecued Snake Head


Snakes in Cambodia make a tasty alternative to deep fried tarantula, as with snakes they can be barbecued, grilled, and put into curry's and stews. Snake meat tastes slightly different depending on which snake you are to sample. From different restaurants and street vendors snake can taste like chicken or even strong fish. Snake can be served with many different side dishes, very similar to a piece of meat at home.

Some restaurants offer snake-bitten chicken dishes. This iswhere a live chicken is bitten to death by a venomous snake, then the chicken is cooked for you. Apparently the chicken meat will then have a lovely flavour and the venom is good for you. Snake meat is enjoyed in many places around the world, and is available in New York, Washington, London and most other cities in Chinese and Cambodian restaurants.

Try some today, take the kids for a tasty treat, just don't tell them what they are eating until they have finished.

Bugs by the Bag Full
Bugs by the Bag Full

Deep Fried Bugs

In Thailand and Cambodia, and also throughout Asia, eating bugs or creepie crawlies is classed as the norm. Our children go out for an ice cream or a bar of chocolate, whereas many Cambodian children go out for a deep fried cockroach or maggot snack. It's more or less the same, it is just the taste that is different.

Street vendors will sell virtually anything if it has legs or wings, and can put Sweeney Todd of London to shame, and Hannibal Lecter would call this place paradise.

Eating bugs such as maggots is actually healthy, according to most nutritional experts, full of protein, so when in Thailand or Cambodia, try one, according to most tourists, they do not taste that bad, probably not that good neither, maybe try a deep fried sea horse for starters.

Kentucky Fried Sea-Horse
Kentucky Fried Sea-Horse

Fried Sea Horse

Not to every bodies taste, this traditional cuisine will not go down well with many people whom adore these small creatures.

More difficult to eat than most due to their exoskeleton, the deep fried sea horse provides another example of Cambodian snacks.

Seahorse Taste Test


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      7 years ago

      now Im veggie , cheers guys

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      8 years ago

      ewwwwww that is discusting

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      8 years ago

      sooo eww:{

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      9 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Ouuuii! Exotic.

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      9 years ago

      WOw, Great one. :P


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