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Fish 'n Chips: Britains Blood

Updated on January 8, 2016

Just over 150 years old and we still don't know they weren't originally British...

1863. The time of the London Tube, Gettysburg Address, and of course, when Joseph Malin started selling fish and chips out of a wooden shack in industrial Lancashire. This legendary man in British heritage was actually a Jewish immigrant that opened the first fish 'n chip shop in South East London. He'd be proud to know that to this day, 10,500 surviving fish and chip shops are thriving along the coastline, in landlocked towns, basically everywhere in Britain. And I think that's a beautiful thing.

What makes them such a delicacy?

Seriously, why are they such a good combination?

The smooth, flakiness of the golden fat encased cod merged beautifully together with carefully cut deep fried potatoes makes for the perfect take away meal during the working week. Maybe it's a Wednesday, at the prime of your work life and you come home to realise you have to cook. "How about no today" you think to yourself, and head to the local chippy to refresh yourself and get your national fix of Britain's own life source. What other combinations with fish or chips that your can think of? Sometimes we'll have fish with potatoes as a Sunday dinner combo. Or even fish fingers and smiley fritters. I know you can't deny that you've heard of them before.

Point being, they get on like a house on fire. But a house on fire would unintentionally burn the fish n chips you left in the house on that Wednesday night trying to get out of the way of the fire. So that's maybe not the best comparison to make...

Some competition...

The quintessential British cuisine resides in the beauty of fish and chips alone. But in comparison to other fast food chains around England, how well is it doing? We already know that over 10,000 restaurants have been accounted for, what about the common man's go to place name when they haven't booked a table in advance- McDondald's? How good is it's competition with the Newcastle's born and bred Greggs sausage roll? I suppose this one has to be finger licking good..KFC.

All have huge shares in the revenue of the food industry and what's surprising is that out of all these fast food chains- is that Brits eat a staggering 382 million portions of fish and chips a year. Now I can't work out the maths of how many people it'd take to eat that many portions to sustain a year, but my gosh I can say that's a lot of chips!

Not all fish and chip products are actually fish and chips!

Pictured above are recently invented, artificially flavoured fish and chip crackers. What is the world coming to? Nothing can compare to the superior taste of your favourite chippy "down the road".

What I want to know is, where is the best place in Britain to sell fish 'n chips?


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