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Five Best Kitchen Ranges

Updated on November 9, 2010

Without doubt, kitchen ranges make a kitchen. They're the heart of the room, if not the home. A good quality range cooker will improve the kitchen appeal, help create and deliver wonderful home cooked food and some of the bigger models are incredibly versatile.

You can choose from among gar range cookers, small and large, or ones that are powered by electric. Modern technology just gets better and better and an electric model can perform just as well as a gas range can.

Any kitchen that house a beautiful stainless steel gas range always has an added feeling of warmth and, in many ways there a family investment. The five best models are feature below, according to their class, popularity and type.

Electrolux : EW30EF65GS 30in Electric Range Stainless Steel

This is a fabulous example of what an electric kitchen range cooker should both look like and do and it's worth every cent. It's almost a dream machine - elegant, stylish and the temperature control is nothing short of outstanding. The exterior is stainless steel and black, always sure to deliver a good looking appliance and the interior is a surprising blue - which adds to its aesthetic appeal by the bucket load.

The warmer drawer works a treat, the glide rack works eaxactly as advertized and it's super efficient to run. The oven heat is constant, it doesn't alter unless you want it to and the results are evenly cooked dishes - fab for baking and desserts. It's got light where you need it, a great easy to use temperature control panel and the burners heat up as fast as a gas ring. Simply awesome - the type of range that every home should have.

Bertazzoni : Professional X304GGVXLPG 30in Pro-Style Gas Range

This is the best professional gas kitchen range and it is, in a word - stunning. Engineered to a very high standard and designed around the needs of a pro cook, this one has it all. The worktop has four burners and the grates are cast iron - built to last a lifetime. The dual valve control controls the triple-ring power burner which is an awesome addition that can throw out some serious heat yet be lowered to simmer level in a hot second.

The oven delivers a regular heating level and though not the biggest in terms of size, it's more than adequate for those with a small to medium sized family. It looks beautiful, it works exactly as you'd expect a professional range to work and it's worth every last cent.

DCS : RDT305SSN 30in Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range, Self-Clean, Convection - Natural Gas

This is the best selling, top of the range convection oven kitchen range. It's dual fuel,the five burners being gas, the oven electric. The oven is a self-cleaner, which is always an attractive feature and the oven top is easy to clean and maintain. Pans are safe and easy to remove, due to the roller rack system and the grates are heavy duty and stable.

The oven is large and pretty roomy and and every one of the burners will drop down to a simmer. The large central fifth burner is fantastic for making paella on or for any dish that requires a large stock pot or saucepan and the quality of its design and engineering is evident wherever you look. Robust, heavy weight and heavy duty, a beautiful range.

Second, it has a very large convection ovenĀ 

Frigidaire Gallery : FPGS3085KF 30in Gas Range - Stainless Steel
Frigidaire Gallery : FPGS3085KF 30in Gas Range - Stainless Steel

Frigidaire Gallery : FPGS3085KF 30in Gas Range - Stainless Steel

This is the best of the slide-in kitchen ranges and it's Star-K Certified and ADA compliant. It's another dual fuel, an electrical convection oven with gas burners. It's stainless steel, with complimentary black cast iron grates that are continuous across the oven top and the inner racks are the easy-side effortless type.

The select controls are a breeze to operate and it has a nahdy lttle feature that allows you to cook great pizzas and chicken nuggets to perfection. There's also a keep-warm facility, the warming drawer being one of many kitchen ranges more useful aspects. This is a range stove, packed with features despite its lower than average price tag - waht more can I say other than - buy it.

Maytag Gemini Series : MGR6875ADS 30in Freestanding Gas Double Oven Range - Stainless Steel

The Maytag is the best of the double oven kitchen range cooker models and will more than suit those that like the use of a separate half oven when cooking up a storm. It's a four burner, one of which is a super powerful 16,000-BTU - that's an awesome amount of heat and comparable with what you'd find on ranges double the cost of this one.

One of its best features as a kitchen appliance is the double oven feature. The top one is large enough to broil and pot roast in without having to bend your back. The lower oven will happily cope with the Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey, plus on a really busy day - you can run both without a loss of power. There are also three heavy duty oven racks, as well as an interior light, easy side temperature control and a food warmer that will stop food spoiling when some one's behind schedule. A fantastic value for money, low priced kitchen gas range.


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