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Five Things I Love About Food

Updated on March 23, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 4

This is the 4th day of the Gratitude Challenge I started.  Food is something I know people everywhere do not appreciate as much as they should.  This is the time when we should be the most grateful.  Look how most of use get our food.  WE don't.  We go to a grocery store to buy food.  The food goes through very intense process, from the collecting of ingredients, make of the food, then transporting it at each step.  What a crazy process! 

1. It can taste so good!

We all know how good something that was may with love tastes.  It's taste amazing, scrumptious, delicious.  You feel filled and satisfied inside.  Especially if you know it's healthy for you.  Like some nice watermelon on a hot summer day.  Or some nice chicken soup on a cold winter day.  No matter what, if your hungry, food can make you happy!

2. How assessable it is where I am

I live in Canada, a developed country, so finding food is not an issue for anyone really in the country. I am truly thankful for being born in such a awesome country. Food is easy to get anywhere and even for the homeless, there are shelters that give out food. Living in a country with such available food is something to really be thankful for.

3. The smell of cooking

How wonderful does it feel to come home to a house filled with the scent of tonights dinner.  Or to walk into a bakery with fresh baked muffins.  Or to an Indian restaurant with that spicy curry smell.  No matter what, there is a smell of food that everyone likes.  Even though we may not get to eat the food, the smell of it can be equally as satisfying.  Until we crave it later... 

4. Anyone can add their own creativity

Anyone who is cooking can easily make it their own.  There are so many combinations of whatever you are making, you can probably make a different dish of the same thing for everyday of the year.  Obviously only the best combinations are good, but the fact that there are unlimited combinations, makes it excited to find the good ones.

5. Food makes people come together

A lot of people who eat with other people find themselves talking more to people.  A family who sits together and eats are more likely to be closer than families who eat on their own.  Things can be shared at the table and discussed.  You see it all the time on television.  Too bad it doesn;t seem like the norm to many people.  But this doesn;t have to specifically gear towards families.  Eating with friends at the lunch table, or eating with some coworkers at lunch are the same idea.


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