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Flat Tummy Berry Smoothie

Updated on February 15, 2016

Berry smoothie for Flat tummy


Per person

handful of frozen or fresh mixed berries 
1/2 banana optional
2 heaped teaspoons natural yoghurt or lite greek yoghurt
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Fresh apple juice as per consistency

Put everything in blender and whizz it all up!
Nutrition per portion:
183 kcal
sugar 37.1g

20 excuses to give up

  1. I am just getting older and fatter thats life
  2. I am miserable when i am on a diet
  3. Cake is my only vibe
  4. I am single
  5. I am married
  6. I have kids
  7. I dont want to change my life for the sake of losing weight
  8. I cant cook
  9. Its no fun
  10. I hate healthy food
  11. I dont have time to exercise
  12. Its christmas / my birthday
  13. Its the holidays
  14. I am stressed
  15. Being healthy is boring
  16. I love chocolate too much
  17. I am not really bothered
  18. I must have the fat gene
  19. I dont have any will power
  20. Because I might fail


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