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Flavorful Chicken Wings

Updated on March 26, 2013

Flavorful Chicken Wings

Chicken wings and flavors go had in hand all you have to do is create some of your own.
Chicken wings and flavors go had in hand all you have to do is create some of your own. | Source

Flavorful Chicken Wing Sauces

When it comes chicken wings many people like them buffalo style or hot wing style but to me it dose not matter what style or how they are cooked meaning baked, fried, grilled or any other way that's all good but what 'm talking about is the flavor you add to this great American Staple.

One of the thinks I hate is to go and order some wings and they offer the same old sauces hot , mild B.B.Q even sweet and sour, and there are a few others but they are still the same ole flavors.

It's time for a change today I'm going to give you 10 simple ways to add some great tasting flavors to your chicken wings that easy and super simple to prepare.

1. To make it a island spice sauce: Combine apricot preserves, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, mustard, salt, pepper, cayenne and ginger, and make sure you taste as you make your sauce.

2. Make a sour cream base sauce: Combine sour cream then add lemon zest, ground coriander and back pepper for a fresh zip.

3. Put a twist to the BBQ flavor grab your favorite barbecue sauce, then add finely chopped onion or smashed garlic and sprinkle in ground cumin and mix in some sprite soda.

4. Make a blend of flavor by adding some apple cider vinegar, finely chopped garlic and cayenne into a sweet store-bought barbecue sauce.....I use Sweet baby Rays it's really good.

5. Lets get ethnic by adding a little Asian flair just add orange marmalade and chopped scallions, or soy sauce and ginger, to your sauce. It's just a flavor that will make you want more.

6. Let's go healthy by adding some Soy: Mix soy sauce, garlic, ginger, cilantro and red pepper flakes to add to sauce but watch it has a bite to it.

7. Let's make ketchup your base: Just add brown sugar and finely chopped onion to your best tasting ketchup it will take it up a notch.

8.Lets take mustard to another level: To add sweetness and spark, add a little honey and finely chopped ginger to your favorite brand of mustard.

9.Bring the citrus to your wings: Stir a little orange juice and honey into some Dijon mustard for a sharp citrus flourish that is awesome..

10. Spice it up: By adding chili powder, mustard powder and brown sugar to a very generous dose of sriracha (Asian sweet-hot sauce) your going to have a flavorful tasty sauce.

The good thing about these great tasting sauces you can re-create them to be what you want them to be or you can experiment and make your either way you will have fun doing it so try and enjoy today.


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    • Handicapped Chef profile image

      Handicapped Chef 4 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      Thank you Alpbadoggy16 I'm sure your going to love these wings please try and give me some feed back.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 4 years ago from Texas

      Nice Hub Handicapped Chef, I do love me some wings. Just recently tried honey, these sound delicious, I think Ill give them a try