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How To Use Flexible Cutting Boards To Prevent Cross Contamination In Your Kitchen

Updated on November 15, 2013

Prevent Cross Contamination In Your Kitchen Using Color Coded Flexible Cutting Boards

If you want to avoid cross contamination in your kitchen it is very important to exercise high level of hygiene in the kitchen especially while cutting meat to prevent indirect cross contamination. This is to blame for many cases of food poisoning. Perhaps you may have tried different kitchen cutting boards before you realized that color coded flexible cutting boards is all that you need to help prevent cross contamination in your kitchen?

Well today we are going to have a look at various ways that you can use flexible cutting board to prevent food poisoning and live healthy. If you want to avoid cross contamination in your kitchen while using plastic chopping boards, then you have to do more than just cleaning it.

Separate the Meat Cutting Board From Other Foods

It is very easy for cross contamination to occur especially while cutting poultry, meat, and seafood. Although it may feel safe to do this on any cutting board, meat contains more juices that can leave bacteria behind that is later transferred to your fruits and vegetables if you use the same cutting board to cut your vegetables.

To prevent contaminating your vegetables with bacteria from meat ensure you use separate flexible cutting boards. It is also highly advisable to use separate cutting boards for cutting your different foods.

Flexible Cutting Boards


4 Piece Microbial Flexible Cutting Board Set

Use different colors to avoid mix up

Sometimes it is very easy to confuse your cutting boards if you just have a few plastic cutting board sets that look alike, especially if you have a lot of food that needs to be prepared. The main advantage of flexible cutting board sets is that they comes in different colors and have food emblems on them to help you to keep track of the appropriate cutting board for your different foods.

By having the safe soy based food emblem on them you will not be confused as to which cutting board is for which foods. The flexible cutting board color code:

  • Red cutting board for cutting meat such as beef
  • Green for chopping all kinds of vegetables including fruits
  • Blue chopping board for fish
  • Yellow for poultry

Antimicrobial Cutting Boards

Antimicrobial Cutting Boards

What Makes These Flexible Chopping Boards the Best Cutting Boards?

When searching for polythene cutting boards it is important to consider choosing the best cutting board to prevent prevent cross contamination of your foods in your kitchen.

In addition, it is also important to choose a set of cutting boards that will serve you for a long long time to save money spent on replacing your cutting boards. Besides longevity, these flexible cutting boards also contain of the following;

They are large sized cutting boards with each one measuring 11.5 x 15 inch thereby giving you more space to chop your foods.

The kind of material used on them has been approved by FDA as the best cutting board plastic polymer combination making them the best choice for antimicrobial cutting board. Furthermore, it is very easy to wash them by simply placing them in the dish washer which is more than enough to get rid of all bacteria, stains, and odor.

4 Piece Cutting Board Set


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