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How to Fondant your cake

Updated on July 19, 2011

Using Fondant for Cake Decorating

Through my networks I was asked:

"Does white fondant taste good? I mean beside on wedding cakes I havenever tasted it.. And honestly don't remember what it tastes like. And what's the best way to make it? With my time constraint is it better to order from a bakery or make it myself..I have decided to make a hazelnut cake with 1 layer cream.. Could I top it off w another layer of cream and the fondant, so then I can paint the fondant? What's typically before the fondant, just cake or a cream layer??

Thanks so much for your help!"

In reply:

I am not much of a fondant person myself, as far as eating it goes. However, unless you are using a flavored fondant, like chocolate or strawberry for example, the taste should relatively be the same; (bland and not much flavor so not to distract from your cake).

I am surprised on how many people actually do like fondant, so, there should be no worries on using it.

It is a great tool to use, making a cake look clean, and professional.

There are kits you can buy, even at Michael's, that you mix and mold, however, to cut on time and to avoid any mess ups, I suggest buying the pre-made white fondant and roll out what you need. (Make sure it comes in a bucket or have an air tight Tupperware for saving any extra).

*Before you buy the fondant, know the approximate size of your cake so you will know how much fondant you will need. Always have a little extra.


Most times, bakers layer with a thin amount of butter cream as a glue base for the fondant... You may use crumbs (cinnamon...) to make it a little stiffer with a thicker layer.
Chill the butter creamed cake before placing the fondant. Keeps it from being too soft for layering.

| If you want, try a cupcake size first and see how well you can layer and place the fondant. Cut the cupcake either square or round to match your cake, so it matches what you are attempting to do.

Make sure you have all of the tools you will need to make a beautiful fondant cake.

Check out these links to give you an idea:



Hope this helped... please feel free to ask anything else or if you want more information.



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