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Making the Most of Food Containers

Updated on September 18, 2013

If you are like most people, you tend to have a lot of leftovers. These leftovers can be from meals you prepared at home or food that you didn’t eat and brought home from the restaurant. Whether is be one of your famous ground beef recipes or that steak dinner you couldn't quite finish at your favorite diner, your refrigerator is probably full of these odds and ends of leftover food. Which is great when you come home hungry and don’t feel like cooking or when you want a midnight snack. Everybody loves leftovers.

The thing is, if you don’t have good food containers to put your leftovers in, they won’t last long. You don’t want to keep food for long in those paper or cheap plastic takeout containers that restaurants give out, and you don’t want to put your home cooked leftovers in inexpensive plastic containers that won’t keep them fresh. Not only will the food spoil quickly in these types of containers, thus costing you time and money, it will also not taste as good, even if you eat it quickly. To be at its best, food should be protected from too much oxygen and from the atmosphere inside your refrigerator. For the best tasting and longest lasting food, you should always store it in high quality food containers.

Food containers help to keep your food organized and fresh.
Food containers help to keep your food organized and fresh.

Brands of Food Containers

When it comes to food containers, perhaps the top brand, the one most well known, the one that people remember as far back as childhood, is Tupperware. In fact, so well known and liked is this brand of food containers that many people use the brand name, Tupperware, to talk about any kind of food container. Of course, few types of food containers are of such high quality as Tupperware. And few brands of food containers offer as many types and styles as Tupperware either. One short visit to the Tupperware website will convince you that this is true. There you will find food containers for every kind of food you can imagine.

Of course, not to be outdone in the category of food containers is Rubbermaid. This brand of food containers is also well known for producing high quality containers that will last for many years, even with a lot of washing in the dishwasher. Rubbermaid will give you food storage solutions for everything from loaves of bread to dry pasta and cereal to fruits and vegetables. They also sell food containers that are made especially to take on the go or to be used to store food in your freezer.

When you want to make sure your food container is all the way closed to keep your food at its freshest, then you may be in the market for containers from Snapware. All of the food containers sold by this manufacturer snap tightly closed using some sort of lid fastening system. There are airtight plastic food containers made by Snapware as well as glass containers and canisters, all which use a snapping system to keep food fresh and delicious.

Finally, when it comes to keeping foods, and especially liquids, either hot or cold, there’s perhaps no more well known food container brand than Thermos. All of us probably remember bringing a Thermos full of cool milk to school with us for lunch. Or, we may have great memories of bringing hot coffee to a football game or a Thermos full of hot homemade soup to some chilly outdoor activity. Thermos brand food containers have been keeping us cool in the summer and warm in the winter our whole lives.

Shopping for Food Containers

Each of the brands of food containers mentioned above has its own website that you can visit. There, you can browse the many types and styles of food containers these companies make while getting some information on the companies themselves. Some even have newsletters you can sign up for to be delivered to your email to keep you up to date on the latest in food container science!

Of course, if you are looking for food containers of all kinds, you can’t really beat the Container Store, which offers a great catalogue of containers online. The Container Store has food containers for every food from hot dogs to flour to pasta and bacon and more. When visiting the website, you can also see where there is a brick and mortar store close by that you can visit in person. That would be like going to food container heaven!

Whichever brand of food containers is your favorite, be sure to stock up. To keep your food fresh and delicious and save it from spoilage, you should always have plenty of food containers on hand.


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