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Food Delight - Lucknow's Tunday Kababi

Updated on March 23, 2017

Lucknowi cuisine is famous everywhere and it's my favorite. Being a foodie, I feel blessed to be born in this Nawabs' city - Lucknow, India.

Good food for me is a source of true happiness and I guess it's the case with everyone because that's why when people are in the blue mood they go for chocolates, ice creams etc. Also, after the anger gets controlled we feel the hunger like an animal because the food is not just to feed stomach but a soul too, it satisfies you emotionally. Yummy food is an arrow marked by cupid pointing one's soul may be that's why people say that a way to the heart goes straight from the stomach.

Well, as I also believe and experience that yum food makes you moan. I know people usually don't say it, but I am sure that they must experience it too. So let me introduce you to one of the yummy, mouthwatering and most famous dishes from Lucknow. This Lucknow delicacy from the Awadhi cuisine is everybody's favorite and which will surely make you moan.

Tunde kebabs:

These delicious kebabs are made of minced meat and the specialty about these kebabs is that they are so soft that they just melt in the mouth that's why they are called Galawati (Melting) kebabs.

There is a very interesting and a true story behind the invention of these heavenly kebabs.
Once upon a time, there was a Nawab in Lucknow and he eagerly wanted to have kebabs, but since he was old and had lost all his teeth, he was unable to. But his desire to eat kebabs didn't die and to fulfill his craving he apparently organized a competition that whoever will make the softest and succulent kebabs will be subsequently granted royal patronage as a reward. Then Haji Murad Ali, who lost his left hand while flying kites won this contest by creating this secret recipe which apparently incorporates 160 spices. Soon, he got so famous and kebabs made by him became popularly known as "TUNDE KEBABS" for which he collected a lot of admiration. Well, there is an another story behind how it got this name.Tunday means 'with one hand' and as I mentioned that Haji Murad Ali had just one hand so people used to call him 'Tunde' so that's how it got the name "Tunde kebabs".

What does the "Tunday Kababi" owner say?

In a personal interview with the owner Mehmood Usman in his Aminabad branch, he told me that his grandfather started this business from Chowk area and they have been watering people's mouth since 1905.

He said his popularity has not gone down in several years because he maintained the same recipe, quality, and taste as provided by his grandfather.
He also stated that he started selling 12 pieces of kebabs for 1 paisa which now costs 80 rs for 4 pieces of mutton kebabs and 40 rs for 4 pieces of beef kebabs which are still nominal for today's time as he himself said that their price is so cheap for the quality and taste he is providing.


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