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Food Increases Fertility Women & Men

Updated on May 17, 2016

To trigger the pregnancy, there are several types of foods and beverages that are useful for fertility Men & Women. Eat a well-balanced diet, and reduce fatty foods, carbohydrates and sweets . Fatty foods can affect hormones and promote weight loss so disturbing fertility.

Consumption of many vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, E and B complex, vitamins, besides important for the regulation of hormones, and to the husband can also improve sperm quality. Minerals are important is zinc ( zinc ), copper and selenuim.

Folic acid is also important for those who are undergoing pregnant. And folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus and fruits like kiwi and avocado. Other sources include sunflower seeds, egg whites and nuts.


Vitamin B6 is one of the nutrients that are absolutely necessary because these substances are very useful as a supporter and regulator of reproductive hormones . Vitamin B6 is widely available and can be found in the following foods : Green vegetable. Nuts. Sprouts ( bean sprouts ) . Cereals. Rice. Wheat. Bread.

It is important to keep in mind in order to ensure freshness than foodstuffs available . Look for fresh and avoid the use of preservatives or also packaged in cans.


These nutrients are necessary to prevent disorder and developmental brain tube will fetus , folic acid can be found in foods listed below : Green leafy vegetables . Broccoli. Asparagus. Peas. Pea. Orange juice.

olic acid is also available in tablet form ready to drink you can buy at a pharmacy . Folic acid is recommended to be consumed every day in preparation of pregnancy and the first few months after pregnancy. Consumption of folic acid should also be done with a daily dose for the prospective father (husband ).


Including an important element to improve fertility , especially for males ( husbands ) . Besides vitamin C also served to increase the immune response, co-factors needed when pregnancy occurs . Vitamin C is found in many fruits , such as oranges , mangoes and others.

IRON ( Fe )

For women who are anemic , it could be a barrier to getting pregnant . Therefore iron as an enhancer element including the number of red blood cells important element and very necessary . To mendapatakan iron, it is advisable to consume the following foods : Heart. Beef. Lamb. Chicken meat. Nuts. As well as green vegetables ( especially spinach ).

ZAT ZINC ( Zinc )

This substance is very handy and works to increase the quality and quantity of sperm . Substance Zeng lot and you can Temuka on some foodstuffs that we list below : Shellfish . Egg yolk. Red meat. Grains ( cereals , grain ) . And nuts.


Water is an essential element of dross in the body , water therapy including one that is now being promoted in order to increase fertility , potentially increasing the production of fertility hormones , testosterone and estrogen . For everyone it is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day . So from foods and beverages to trigger pregnancy and fertility as well for men as we have explained above is easy to find . Now the important thing is how we adjust your diet in accordance with the need to increase fertility . Aside from consuming food ingredients above , the other most important thing is to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that your metabolism can work well . The more healthy body , the greater the chances of faster pregnant women.


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