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Food & Our Body

Updated on March 26, 2014

Food For Thought: Insightful eating

In today's world, fast food has become a big choice among Americans. The most
appealing foods to us, are usually the most harmful to our bodies.

Often,we come home after a long day, too tired, and at this point too lazy to cook
any food. How do our choices in what we eat affect our state of mind,
well-being, & attitude?

When it comes to junk food, sugar is the winner and widely regarded as one of the
main ingredients for some food products. A typical coca-cola bottle contains
65g of sugar.

Fast food restaurants have been given a reputation of providing
“mystery” meat. Take a look at the image below. See how one of America’s
“healthiest” food services, will surprise you with the ingredients section.

Food for thought

  • Unless you're a nutritionist, chemist, or food expert you most likely have no idea what many of these ingredients are? Are you surprised to see so many ingredients in subways “healthy” choice?
  • If you look at the majority of food products on shelves, you'll see that this is common, across the board. After seeing this list it's no wonder having a bad diet can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and arthritis.Most junk food is loaded with fats and cheap energy.
  • The fats and oils consumed are damaging to our circular system and a good heart. The consumption of junk food plays a direct role in your everyday performance. Every aspect of your body, requires nutrition to function.
  • This includes your mental health. If you are going eat unhealthy food you're starving your brain, your heart, and body of proper food. That is why so many have heard of nutritionists, advising professional athletes to help them remain on a strict diet.
  • The physical demands of an NFL player, requires him to utilize the nutrition in food to his advantage.
  • We've become so use to eating junk food, have any of us stop to think about what the potentials of these chemicals have on our body?
  • Isn't our long-term health more important than a quick satisfaction?
  • After all, if your going to live for decades; wouldn't you want to enjoy it with good health?

Healthy Antioxidents

Blueberries are a delicious fruit, that can reduce your aging process. Blueberries are known to reduce stress levels and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Making these fruits part of your daily diet, will improve one's learning capacity.

While blueberries are helpful in increasing our learning capacity. It's great to know that we can further enhance our mindset with different types of nuts and seeds.Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and man others; contain vitamin E. Vitamin E works similar to that of blueberries. However, vitamin E reduces the rate at which your cognitive mind decays

Physical health: A striving machine

Your body, is essentially your car for operating your day. The gas you feed your car, is the quality of food choice.

Can you imagine if one day you decided to fill your gas tank with polluted, old, hazardous gasoline?

You wouldn't, because you'd end up having to repair your car. The same concept applies to our physical well-being.

Calcium is an important nutrition for our health. With the aid of Vitamin D, the body utilizes calcium to build and keep strong bones. However, we still need micro amounts of copper in our diets so we don't lose bone mass.

When you undergo an injury, Vitamin C, B, and other nutrients assist in the repair of tissue cells. Vitamin B allows vitamin C to alter certain cells to amino acids, which becomes part of the recovery process. Vitamin B along with Riboflavin, are known to assist in the decomposition of foods in our digestive system; zinc plays a small role as well.

You need to Exercise

There are a wide variety of foods that are not only delicious, but healthy. As a tasty snack, you could eat more almonds every week. Almonds contain antioxidants,known for reducing the damage caused by cholesterol.

Cholesterol, can be harmful to the lining of your arteries.Sweet potatoes are easy to make, have a wide usage in many dishes; and contains vitamin B. These are relatively good in reducing risks of receiving a stroke.

The old granny apple, contains dietary fibers. Dietary fibers can help reduce the levels of your cholesterol. Omega-3 Fatty acids can reduce the risk of heart attacks, found in salmon.

Mind My Food?: Food affects our thought process

The brain is an organ of the body just like your heart. It requires good nutrition to perform at its best. The food we choose to eat, can determine our emotions and performance.

As it plays an important role in maintaining our body, repairing damaged cells, and letting us walk everyday. It has the influence to direct our bodies lifespan.

Avocados, are not widely used fruits like bananas or oranges. But, they provide a monounsaturated fat. This can increase smooth blood flow and reduced stress. This means better a flow of blood throughout your brain.

This will make accomplishing tasks seem easier and less repulsive. This will increase your attention to detail, and social interactions. Whole grains, oatmeal and rice also play a role in good blood flow.


The market place for food is enormous. Fast food restaurants are in tough competition for consumers to buy unhealthy food. The items on the ingredients label for processed food, seem to increase every year. The amount of diets out there that are healthy, are increasing.

It's time to make smarter choices, about what you want in your body. If you can't fully describe what that mysterious item on the ingredients label is; then its probably not healthy. Poor eating habits can result in an array of health issues. If your given one life, to live for many years. Why wouldn't you do your best, to enjoy it with great health?

Everyday we're in a constant battle with our desires for taste. If junk food can taste good, and be bad for our health then we should make an effort to find ways to have a tasteful diet, with plenty of nutrition involved. Consuming quality food now, is investing in your body for the future.


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