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Food & Productivity Experiment

Updated on August 28, 2017

How Food Affects Our Energy

Quest for Energy

We all know how eating a bit too much at Taco Bell can make us feel a little slow and tired... But how much is it that food really affects our energy level? In my own quest to eat better I have definitely observed an increase in productivity whenever eating a lot of raw foods.

Exploring Foods as Fuel

Food & Mood

While certain foods can make you feel good right when you are eating them, most of these 'comfort foods' end up taxing us in the long run. The same concept applies to 'energy' foods with quick sugar hits or caffeine that wears off quickly leaving you tired and dehydrated. I found that generally when my stomach was digesting large masses of heavy, slowly processed foods I was generally more short tempered and in a worse mood than when my body was digesting fruits and vegetables that were easy for it. I contribute this to the lack of the constant energy expended by overworking the digestive system.

Fresh vs. Cooked

Many will argue that when you cook a food it becomes 'dead', so it is not ideal for your body. In my experience I have found much higher energy levels while eating primarily raw food diets, although I found it hard to avoid craving the heavier cooked foods.

Protein Truth & Myth

I have heard all this stuff about protein this and protein that and lots of people arguing over this aspect of food and diet. Although I don't feel like I benefit much from cramming down powerbars or eating a ton of tofu; drinking whey protein shakes or making sure I am getting the absolute most amount of possible protein- my body does seem to crave protein rich foods after periods of eating raw. I have tried this and that but we are all learning and making observations. Here is what some experts have to say:

Eating As A Drug / Eating To Suppress Emotion

After knowing that I don't need most 'normal' things considered food, I couldn't pretend like I wasn't just eating many of these things for the experience of just eating them. Pizza, pasta, cheeseburgers, chocolate, bagels, and donuts... Even knowing I am not making the best decisions for my body, and knowing how much work its going to be on my stomach I will wolf down the most unhealthy food simply for the momentary effects from the food acting as a stimulant. Afterwards, the sedentary effect is another mood altering factor that accompanies the satisfactory sensation of a full belly.


Chronic dehydration can't be cured by just drinking more water. From what I've learned, many people today are chronically dehydrated due to the foods we eat. In this lecture below, Loren Lockman describes how built up dried hardened mass in our bodies can suck water from our bodies. According to Lockman, dehydration can affect our emotions, cognitive function, and our bodies ability to create energy.

Loren Lockman Lecture on Chronic Dehydration

Are Humans Fruitarians?

An interesting theory I have come across is that human beings were originally a frugivore species. I find several of their arguments convincing, and the more fruit I eat, generally I feel better and more myself. Our obsession with frying and cooking has always been interesting to me. On the other hand, I have several times found it difficult to stay on only raw food diets. While eating mostly fruit gave me excellent energy and increased productivity, I would end up craving something heavier and eating tons of cashews or beans or bread... I am currently interested in achieving a balanced diet that doesn't tax the system or clog things up while providing the energy I need to be physically strong as well as mentally sharp.

Putrefaction / Parasites

Dr. Robert Morse talks a lot about this term 'putrefaction' and it really freaks me out. Whenever I hear about this or about intestinal parasites, I want to really punch myself in the face to stay away from gross foods and clean out my system. When I think about dead animal flesh rotting in my gut being feasted on by a swarm of bizarre looking parasites, I can really see how all of this going on in our bodies could be draining on our energy, our minds, and even our awareness. It is for this reason I have been interested in fasting and detoxification. Fasting specialist Loren Lockman says people on average drop over 10 sometimes even 20 odd pounds of black hardened mass from deep within the intestinal tract during a long fast. Imagine all that toxic crap we have accumulated over the years gone.. Must feel like living in a clean house?

Food Combining

While experimenting with raw foods I found it very important to observe the proper food combinations and be careful mixing too many things together at once. I learned about the different transit times of food groups, with the more watery foods passing through the body fastest. This would explain why you might feel some upset stomach sensations if you ate for example some watermelon after a heavy dinner. I found best success and easiest most efficient digestion while great energy and productivity when following Lockman's suggestions of eating monomeals of melons, fruit meals of similar fruit groups, and simple salads.

Building Muscle While Vegan

One of the tasks I have been interested in is building strength while maintaining a vegan diet. I have found some good content on the subject on YouTube, including this video:

Thanks For Stopping By!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this article. I plan on keeping this hub updated and continue adding insights as I find relevant on my journey. Stay tuned for more hubs in the food series I also plan on writing one on food & strength.

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D Shannahan

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    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 6 months ago from Greece, Almyros

      And you keep on the good fight...

    • D Shannahan profile image

      D Shannahan 6 months ago from Everywhere Man!

      Thanks for the comments Sean. You couldn't be more right.

    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 6 months ago from Greece, Almyros

      The way that we show our respect for Mother Nature begins by the way we choose to eat. Eat without killing more often, and you'll feel more ALIVE.