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First In First Out (FIFO) Food Storage Method

Updated on May 2, 2013
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Shelly Wyatt is a self published author or several short stories, and one full length mystery/romance novel.

FIFO Storage

Food Storage-First In First Out Method

The definition of the FIFO method is uncomplicated. This is a safe food storage system of rotating your food so that you use the oldest items first. This ensures that your food will not go bad and leave you wasting space and storing items that are no longer any good and wasting money by throwing out things that could have been used. This method is used in restaurants and school food service programs, and it is highly effective in controlling food costs and will be extraordinarily helpful when used in your home, as well.

In food service, one of the first things we learned was the FIFO (First In First Out) Method of food storage. This is not only to ensure food quality but also to save money. By using this method, we were sure to use what we had before it expired. This method can also be used at home, have you ever cleaned out your pantry only to find that you had to throw things away because they were outdated? This method will help prevent that thus saving you money. It is an uncomplicated plan to follow, here are a few easy steps to get started.

• 1. Organize your pantry

• 2. Keep "like" things together (such as canned goods)

• 3. Check expiration dates.

• 4. Push the first to expire to the front to be used first.

• 5. Rotate your food inventory as you use it.

New cans should be pushed to the back of the shelf and older items should be pushed to the front to ensure they are used first. In restaurants food is used so quickly that this method makes it, so dates do not have to be checked every day, saving them time. In your home, this is a little different we do not use food as fast as a restaurant so dates should be check at least every time you grocery shop and the things that are going to be out of date soon should be used immediately. Special shelves can be found for canned goods if you don't have a shelf like that just put the canned goods on separate shelves. Make sure that the oldest cans are at eye level ensuring they will be used first and the newer cans on the bottom or top shelves.

FIFO is not just for canned goods, be sure to rotate your frozen foods, as well. I go through my frozen foods every time I shop and put the older things in front of the freezer. This is the best way to make sure your food is fresh, and you are not wasting money.


We are all interested in saving time and money this is one of the best ways that I know to do just that. If the FIFO method is working for restaurants and other money making companies it can work for you, as well! Saving money on the grocery bill is extremely beneficial to me. I live on a budget as I am sure just about everyone does; this method saves me money, keeps my food fresher, and I remember what I have to cook. Rotation is the best way that I have found to ensure that my food is fresh and non canned items should also be rotated to ensure freshness.

Velzipmur a.k.a Shelly Wyatt

FIFO Food Storage Method

First In First Out Method of Food Storage

FIFO Method
FIFO Method
Canned food storage rack for the FIFO Method
Canned food storage rack for the FIFO Method

FIFO Food Storage Method

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FIFO Food Storage Method

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