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Food For Me

Updated on December 29, 2016

Food for me

I did not grow up in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite is true. My mother, who is a wonderful cook herself, used to shoo us out of the kitchen. She said that we made her nervous. So until I was about 35, my wife was the cook (she is also an amazing cook from Cajun roots). Then I began watching The Food Network, and my life was changed forever, as was that of my family's. I would attempt to copy the dishes that I saw on there, and as I mentioned in the summary, much of it wound up in the trash.

As a matter of fact, I can not tell you the number of times during that first year that I told my wife that I was giving up, that I was done. Then the next day, I would find myself back in the kitchen. And things started to turn around. I can't really point to a specific time. But now I am the main cook in the house. So much so that there is a running joke with my kids who are now 17 and 13. They will ask who is cooking tonight. Well, when the response is Mama, they will both in unison ask if that means a "fend for yourself" night.

She gets kind of offended, but in defense of the kids, they are often right. She says that she spent the first 20 years cooking and so now it is my turn. But in reality, I don't mind. I enjoy it. It relieves stress. And the joy I get when it all gets eaten; well that is just the best high ever!!!

I will try whenever possible to point to the origin (as far as I know it) of the recipes that I post. However, if you look them up from the source you will notice that they have morphed. I think that most cooks start (and chefs) start from a recipe (either something they have had before that stuck in their head or from one on paper that they have saved from way back) and then they adjust it to "make it better". In essence, I think everyone just adjusts it to fit their taste as well as the taste of their audience.

So enjoy as I begin posting some of the favorites.

Bon Apetit!!!


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    • Duane Herring profile image

      Duane Herring 12 months ago from Tyler, TX and DFW area

      Thank you TheHoleStory for your feedback. Have a wonderful NewYears Eve!!!

    • TheHoleStory profile image

      TheHoleStory 12 months ago from Parsons, West Virginia

      Great hub Duane, and I just want to tell you that the mouth watering picture you have of shrimp cooking at the top of your hub is making me very hungry, and I hope you enjoyed eating them. Good job!

    • Duane Herring profile image

      Duane Herring 12 months ago from Tyler, TX and DFW area

      Thank you Heather. Try the first recipe that I just posted. Hopefully it will show up on the page soon. Sausage and Peppers. Take care.

    • profile image

      Heather 12 months ago

      I think this is great!! I enjoyed reading it.