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Food of the FIFA World Cup Champions

Updated on July 17, 2014

Food of the FIFA World Champions

Volume 6, Issue 21, July 16, 2014

The FIFA World Cup was won by Germany; a state in the European Union who has a rich history of tribal wars between the German tribes of Europe and the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. Their tribal wars and migrations of people formed a fusion of mixes in cultural faire, environment, and gourmet foods. What is really amazing is it is not a well-known fact that these tribal wars took place centuries ago. I may be too old or not old enough to remember that they never taught me about any tribal wars between Germany and the Roman Empire and I bet you more than ninety percent of you were not aware of it either. (Just saying)

The German athletes like their tribal warrior ancestors have a natural component that is part of their persona or something that is in their humanity, to be warriors who fight till the end to accomplish their ambitions and their goals, whether it is on the soccer field or in a said profession. Not only do we want to mention that Germany was paired up against another cultural warrior on the soccer field with the Argentinean team’s that made it to the final curtain call. We must give the Argentina team props that they too have the ultimate ambition to be World Cup Champions and were afforded the opportunity to play against the Champions of Germany. The Argentinean team also fought very hard for the title of “FIFA World Cup Champions.” As we all know there can only be one team of champions and the German’s captured and earned the title of “FIFA World Cup Champions.”

As predicted in a previous issue of “FIFA’s Highest Scoring Teams,” (’s-Highest-Scoring-Teams) the title of and competition to win the world cup was placed and won in the hands of the German team.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the ingredients that gave both teams the nutrients, minerals, and overall energy to capture and take the FIFA World Cup. Let’s look at the German team’s cultural gourmet foods and spices that push the player’s metabolic rate up to generate the nutrients for the power they need on the field.

A good place to start on our quest to discover German foods would be an Authority at: ( who lays out the most savory and mesmerizing treats that will shake up you palette.

Pumpernickel Ice

Pumpernickel Ice is made with dark sweetened flour that serves up pumpernickel ice fused with the grains of this powerful spice of mixed herbs and spices.

Pumpernickel is a rye grain that includes wheat and barley and is blended together to develop and cultivate the product of Pumpernickel.

Wheat is one of the earliest crops cultivated and Barley is another that are extraordinary grains that are high in protein and when mixed with the bodily chemicals it produces a powerful kick in your blood stream.

Another herb that is native to Germany and was used in the ancient times when shamans and herbalists were the medical doctors of the era was Rue.


Also known as:

  • Common Rue
  • Countryman’s treacle
  • Garden Rue
  • German Rue
  • Herb-of-Grace
  • Rue

Rue was commonly used to treat insect bites and was one of the medicinal engagements used to treat the plague. It is also a cure for headaches; snake bites, and keeps pests at bay (insects). This herb has a foul odor or fragrance that the Roman Empire considered it beneficial for over 80 different medical complaints in the first century A.D. That is quite impressive because they maintained a medical engagement of this herb until present day.


A Fish in a roll that is normally served with kale and potato dishes and the famous Sanddorn berry (sea buckthorn berry). Of course, we all know that fish has omega 3 properties, nutrients, minerals, and much needed vitamins that boost our immune system and blood stream. Protein in particular is a basis for a wonderful oxygenated bodily system that is packed with energy to produce kicks, jumps, and extraordinary bodily movements.


Then when digested with kale an extraordinary green garden plant or cabbage like shrub that is extraordinary when organic that it boosts our energy and is and was a staple food in the early 4th century throughout Europe. Kale is a superfood that is low in calories and is an excellent diet aid.

The medicinal engagement of Kale is cancer treatments because of its shield against free radicals in the body. It also combats asthma, arthritis, blood cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, macular degeneration, and metabolism boosting.

Potato, Thyme, and Tarragon

Discussed in previous issues (’s-the-FIFA-Games).

Vegan Foods/Sauerkraut

A dish prepared with red cabbage, sauerkraut, and orange cabbage. Sauerkraut is a traditional German food made from cabbage and is strongly identified with the German cultural cuisine. This nutritious dish is very potent and beneficial; it contains phytochemicals and strong anti-oxidants that strengthen the immune system and digestion process.

Medicinal engagement is useful to cancer treatment and infections. It is also engaged for candida and used as a probiotic.

Now let’s take a look at what the Argentinean team prepared themselves with through their cultural foods and cuisine to power up on vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The Argentinean cuisine and culture is a blend of South American traditions that maintain grains, plants, spices, herbs, and roots native to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and most Southern parts of Brazil. Culturally the Traditional Argentine dish is a mix of Mediterranean and Indigenous cuisine that maintain spices and herbs like matambre, chimichurri, and the milenesas that are mixed together.

One of the most popular spices used or engaged by the Argentinean people is Mate.


Also known as Paraguay Tea (terere) and Yerba Mate is a bush that produces red berries that look like the Christmas Holly tree. This bush is used to produce a beverage or tea that energizes its ingestor who drinks of the beverage. This beverage sometimes replaces coffee and invigorates the nervous system. Some of the garnishes and seasoned additives are orange, mint, and grapefruit to increase its potency.

Some of the medicinal uses of this bush is diarrhea relief, anxiety relief, heart tremors, and some cancer treatments. It is also engaged for alcohol and smoking ailments.

Spiced Asado

Is a variety of meats that are grilled to perfection and are spiced with a mixture of herbs, grains, and spices to bring out a delicious culinary delight of flavors. Dishes that are grilled to delight cuisine seekers are Tira de Asado, Lomo Asado, and Lechon Asado that maintain variety of meats from beef to pork. Most of these meats are basted in salty-sweet marinades that have chimichurri sauce or coconut rice sauce. The main ingredients for Chimichurri sauce or Asado Seasoning are Sea Salt, Sugar, Chili, Garlic, Pepper, Cumin, Oregano, Vinegar, Citric Acid, Orange, and Annatto.


Retrieved from the Internet’s-the-FIFA-Games (free dictionary online)

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