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Food oh Food

Updated on August 1, 2017

Food Glorious Food

Food is not limitless in a sense that you can run out of it. It can be limitless depending on what you are doing in terms of what you are cooking and how much. Eating can be limitless, in terms of how many meals you eat during the day, It is said that we should be eating five to six small meals a day and one larger meal, which sounds like eating limitlessly.

Eating five to six small meals and then one big meal a day with protein is how we should eat. For most people, however, if they are working long hours or are really engrossed in what they are doing then food is the last thing on their minds. Some people, on the other hand, eat their three square meals a day with the snacks in between. Most of those people I envy because I wish I could remember to do that. I know that if you have a surgery like the gastric bypass surgery you have a smaller stomach and that means you have to eat more frequently, which I have seen people do.

Everyone needs to eat to keep going, but we don't all eat like we should. Most of the time is because the demands of our jobs don't allow us to. Construction, for example, they don't stop to eat they keep going until the job is done because construction is very time sensitive. Have you ever forgotten to eat? I have done that once, I ate at seven am and then I got really into something and realized that I hadn’t eaten all day I realized this at 8 pm that night. That is the worst possible thing that you could do to your body. It is not easy to start eating again, the way you did before you missed so many meals. I have done that and had to eat consecutively every day after that, and it took about three weeks until I felt well again. When you feel hungry eat something and always drink water never forget about your water intake.

Food is essential for everyone’s everyday life so don’t forget to eat. I still do forget to eat occasionally, for easter instead of giving something up I usually told myself that I would eat three meals or more a day to get my body accustomed to eating more frequently. What do you think of food, do you forget to eat or do you get on a regular basis?

When you think of food and a meal what do you think Do you think that all meals have to be small or do you enjoy larger meals as well? Most of the time, when people think of food they have a lot of smaller meals throughout the day and then just one big meal for the evening. Not with limitless amounts because nobody can eat that much but when someone has a big party then that is when it feels like there are limitless amounts of food because there is food everywhere all night long or all day long, for people to pick at when they choose.

Food nourishes our bodies and keeps us going a good way to remember that is fuel is food for our bodies just like gas in our cars make them go, we need to keep our gas tank full in order for us to function. Although we can't eat limitless junk food in order to do that, what I mean by this is

Although we can't eat limitless junk food in order to do that, what I mean by this is we can't just eat sugary foods we need to eat some healthy foods too more so than the sugary stuff. For example, fruit, nuts, yogurt, veggies, and protein have to be a part of our diet in order for us to function properly. If we want to stay awake and not sleep all the time we need to have a balanced diet, although sugar is not all bad but if we eat it all the time we aren't going to feel good. We will feel sluggish and tired and that isn't good when we are trying to focus on everyday tasks and work that we have to do during the day.

Food is good for us

Food is meant to keep us going it isn't meant to make us want to go to bed, although everyone knows that once you feed a baby they want to go to sleep. We are just like them but there are ways for us to stay awake during the day after we eat a meal. We just have to eat healthier foods fruits and veggies and remove the processed stuff that is what makes us tired more so than anything else. At least that is what I have found recently.

All food is great, and it can be limitless but there are right foods to eat to fuel your body and foods to eat just because they are there. There are limitless amounts of food out in the world that is processed that we eat because it is convent rather than healthy for us, which is what establishments want but how good for our bodies is it?

It is not any good, have you ever noticed that after you eat something processed the next thing you want to do is nap right away? It is because of the limitless sugar that processed foods have in them. If you don't want to feel sluggish and tired all the time try and take the processed foods out of your diet and eat unprocessed foods. Try that even for a week and see how you feel, if you don't like how you feel you can go back to eating the processed foods, but I garentee you won't feel crappy on the contreary you are going to feel so much better.

I am not saying to not eat processed foods sometimes but try and eat healthier unprocessed foods for the most part and eat the proccessed foods as a treat once a week, or something. Food is awesome and tasty and it can come in limitless amounts you just have to choose wisely. Healthy food can come in limitless amounts too you just might have to look a bit harder for it.

Food Glorious Food
Food Glorious Food

Food is Limitlessly Good

Food has a lot of limitless meanings and we can find food almost anywhere. It is meant to keep our bodies moving if you don't feed your body your mind can't be fed which in turn means that you will starve and that is not good. So eat food, at least three times a day and you will feel so much better than if you don't eat food at all or less often. I know how eating just two meals a day can hurt your body you are tired all the time and all you want to do is sleep because you are not feeding your body enough nutrients. If you want to live a long life you have to feed your body enough nutrients to do so. Which is why food is Limitlessly Good.

Do you eat three square meals a day, can eating be limitless? Why do you think that people forget to eat meals during the day in a limitless capacity? Let's Di

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