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Foods - Great Inventions - They Finally Got It Right - Health & Weight Loss Too!

Updated on November 12, 2015

Fitness and food all too often do not go together very well. The food oftentimes is low in nutrients, high in calories or just isn't pleasing. Until now!

They finally got it right!

These great inventions, innovations are now available - great nutrition for your body, simple and convenient and superb for weight loss.

Journey with me as I share with you some of my favorite new foods. From alcohol free high quality grape juice to green tea complete with vitamins to lactose free milk, dried fruits to one of my personal favorites which is now available in a zillion different varieties - balsamic vinegar! Ops, I cannot leave out the high protein Marathon bar made by Snickers. Yes, Snickers has grown up! Baby Boomers you have to try this one! As our taste palette matures so too, has the protein bar developed by Mars - Ala Snickers.

Foodies - enjoy this journey - but careful - these are foods that are good for you!

Pure Grape Juice
Pure Grape Juice | Source

#1 High Quality Grape Juice - No Alcohol

Finally using great grapes for juice, non-alcoholic! Wonderful - all natural idea!

Not a diet drink but absolutely delicious. Not recommended for weight loss.  Use for nutrition as a special treat.  This is one of my favorites!

WHAT IS GREAT: The taste, no sugar, no alcohol.

4% iron, calories 154, serving per container 1.4, 11.5 oz / 340 ml

CON:  Not a weight loss drink.

Snickers Marathon Protein Bar

Calorie Information

To learn more about calories with the Snicker Protein Bar, link to the Calorie Count website.

#2 Snickers Marathon® Protein Bar

The candy bar from my childhood has finally grown up. This great little bar is not a diet item but it is satisfying without allot of sugar but high in protein. A great protein bar.

SNICKERS MARATHON® Protein Bar delivers! Caramel Nut Rush bar is a great blend of Peanuts, Caramel and Chocolate that delivers the ant and the protein you need.

Made with a wonderful blend of soy, peanut, and milk protein concentrate that serves to supply your body with crucial amino acids needed to build and repair muscle.

WHAT IS GREAT: Nutrition High in Protein - Quick Snack

20 grams of protein

#3 Bottled Tea Complete with Vitamins

While I love the grape juice, it is very high calorie. For a low calorie refreshing drink, I love the Fuze Balck & Green Ta with Acai Berry and essential vitamins. In its 16 oz (2 servings, bottle total is 18.5 fl oz.) has only 60 calories per serving and yet it has 100% of vitamin C. Vitamin C is what I need during these cold midwestern winters. And while I just started taking vitamins (recommended by Dr. Oz), I still prefer my food and drink to have vitamins. Best yet, for the person who is B12 deficit and always striving for more energy, this little 8 oz contains 50% of my B12 daily needs.

To include vitamins with my hydration needs is a fitness professional dream. It takes great, is refreshing and yet it is not high in calories. Top it all, these are priced reasonable.

And they also offer the Low Carb (Slenderize) Fuze. The Fuze “refresh” (The “Normal” Fuze) contains calcium vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

What They Got Right: Tea Complete with Vitamins & Low Calorie

Tradizionale Extravecchio Balsamic Vinegar by Giuseppe Giusti

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

#4 Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is made from a different process than wine vinegar. Similar in pedigree to wine, balsamic vinegar comes from a certain section in Italy, the Modena section, in the region of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and is made specifically with Trebbiano grapes. These grapes are left on the vines until the very end of autumn, so they can soak up the last rays of the autumn sun. The grapes are then crushed, and NOT not allowed to ferment, then filtered, boiled, and reduced to a remaining liquid between 30 to 70% - depending chiefly upon the aging timeframe but also the sugar level, and the expertise of the vinegar maker. Balsamic vinegar is then reduced, filtered again, and poured into wooden casks, after cooling.

"Traditional Balsamic vinegar is aged in the "Batteria" at least 12 years. The licensing of the traditional balsamic vinegar is controlled by the Consortium of Producers of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegars of Modena. The Italian government has bestowed its DOC, or, Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) in recognition of balsamic vinegar of a certain quality. In compliance with rigorous quality standards, the Consorzio places its Seal of Guarantee on each numbered bottle.

The process of becoming vinegar occurs in wooden barrels. As the volume decreases through evaporation over the years the maturing liquor is transferred to smaller and smaller casks, each with its special blend of aromatic flavoring woods. The filled barrels are placed in the attic for ideal temperatures, hot in Summer, cold in Winter. Over years of aging, the fruit and spice and mood of the finest Balsamic emerges.

Complex flavor in fine Balsamic Vinegar comes from this long and exacting aging
. A variety of barrels are used including durmast, chestnut, ash, cherry and mulberry. Balsamic vinegar makers keep a secret art in the matching and blending of resinous aromatic staves. One taste of a truly fine Balsamic will make clear why it is worth all the effort. Balsamic Vinegar is truly in a class apart from other vinegars. Unlike the sharp tastes we usually associate with vinegar, the balsamics present a rich dark complex of sweetness and intrigue.

While Balsamic Vinegar lends itself well to a stunning vinaigrette, it may find its highest expression in distinctly un-vinegar-like roles such as a splash on fresh fruit or ice cream. It should come as no surprise that when Balsamic Vinegar was first produced, more than 600 years ago, it was reserved exclusively for the use of the nobility by Ducal fiat.

True balsamic connoisseurs will relish the complexity and lasting aftertaste of this Modena masterpiece, considered the king of all balsamic vinegars.

The balance between rich and harmonious flavors is enhanced through the meticulous aging process. The result is a dense and full bodied syrup with an increasing sweetness.

Method: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is prepared from the gentle heating of local grapes. Then it is left to mature according to an ancient system. This consists of transferring the liquid through a series of smaller barrels of various wood, slowly absorbing their flavors and aroma. The process proceeds for many years for the Affinato, and even longer for the Extravecchio. The liquid is strictly controlled by an independent commission of tasters before being offered to the market.

Characteristics: These extraordinarily complex products are a balance between rich and harmonious flavors and fragrances that have a smooth, syrupy consistency. The aging process determines an evermore dense and full bodied syrup, with an increasing sweetness. These characteristics are present in both qualities and still more enhanced in the Extravecchio, making it the absolute king of all balsamic vinegars."

Lactose Free Milk by Walmart - Great Value
Lactose Free Milk by Walmart - Great Value | Source

#5 Lactose Free Milk

Lactose free milk is sadly what my aging body now demands. Thankfully, this milk is readily available and is not much more expensive. I find it very sweet and this comes from a person who loves sweets so this even the fat free version may not be acceptable taste wise. For me, it is perfection - especially in my coffee!

Fat Free Milk, Lactase Enzyme*, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3. *Ingredient Not In Regular Milk. Allergy Warning: Contains Milk. Leche Sin Grasa, Enzima Lactasa*, Vitamina A Palmitato, Vitamin D3.

Grade A, Ultra-Pasteurized, Vitamins A & D,  itamin A 10%, Vitamin D 25%, Calcium 30%, calories 90 per 240 ml

WHAT IS GREAT: Lactose Free

NOTE: I have tried coconut milk but I cannot get past the taste and I love milk. Here's some information IF you have better luck with this product than what I did:

The coconut tree has been referred to as the "Tree of Life" for the unique qualities from the "coconut seed". B12 is what is in the expensive energy drinks. Coconut milk is much more expensive than milk, however, it is much more nutritious and remember, coconut milk is also lactose free along with yogurt.

Lactose Intolerance Health Tidbit:

For those who are lactose intolerant - here is a helpful tidbit form as assessed on 12/11/2009. "Yogurt may be safe. Some studies have shown that the active live bacterial cultures (also known as probiotics) found in yogurt help lactose digestion. However, frozen yogurt does not seem to have the same effect for many people, and may still cause stomach upset."

Dried Fruit
Dried Fruit | Source

#6 Dried Fruit

A generous blend of select raisins, pineapple, papaya, cranberries and apples.

High in vitamins. Not necessarily low calories but a wonderful and simple addition to make a lettuce salad great and nutritious.

Brought to you by the original company who brought you trail mix, two surfers from California. As their packaging states: "dedicated to making delicious snacks with premium, wholesome ingredients that deliver great taste."

Calories 130 per 1/4 cup.

WHAT IS GREAT: Nutrition

Vitamins: Iron 10%, Vitamin C 15%, Calcium 4%, Vitamin A 2%

Oreo 100 Calorie Packs
Oreo 100 Calorie Packs | Source

#7 100 Calorie Snack Packs

Yes, this is one of my weaknesses. But they finally got it right, now I know how many calories I am consuming! One of the items of dieting is raising our consciousness of what we are eating. Eating from a bag is strictly a top no-no. Not knowing how many calories we are eating can easily get away from us. Now we have control - thanks to the 100 Calorie Packs from Nabisco.

WHAT IS GREAT: Quick Snack with Only 100 Calories!

Energy Drink - No Sugar - High in Vitamins

Rockstar Energy Drink
Rockstar Energy Drink | Source

#8 Energy Drink - No Sugar - High in Vitamins

Direct answers from the company's website:
1. Is Rockstar vegetarian?

Rockstar is 100% Vegetarian and Vegan. The Taurine contained in Rockstar is synthetic and not derived from animals.

2. Is Rockstar Gluten Free?

Yes, Rockstar is 100% Gluten Free.

3. What's the difference between "Diet Rockstar" and "Sugar Free Rockstar?"

"Diet Rockstar" is now "Sugar Free Rockstar." This is primarily a name change only, and "Diet Rockstar" is currently being replaced nationally at retail by "Sugar Free Rockstar."

4. How much juice is in "Rockstar Juiced?"

With the introduction of "Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate" the juice content in "Rockstar Juiced Guava" and "Rockstar Juiced Mango" has been changed to 50% real juice in order to keep continuity within the "Rockstar Juiced" product line.

5. Has there been a formulation update?

Although the FDA and other food safety authorities have reiterated that there is no known health risk to consumers from the benzene levels found in soft drinks, in July 2006, Rockstar voluntarily reformulated its “Diet Rockstar” product to minimize the potential for formation of benzene in that product.

My take on this drink - very high vitamin B's including B12 - excellent choice for energy.

WHAT IS GREAT: Vitamins and no sugar and hydration too!  Diet Rockstar is great for weight loss and tastes great too!

Yoplait Smoothie in the Freezer Section at Your Grocer
Yoplait Smoothie in the Freezer Section at Your Grocer | Source

#9 Yoplait Smoothies in the Freezer Section

Direct from one of my favorites - Yoplait:

"Yoplait makes Smoothies fast and fabulous straight from your freezer. Enjoy 1 full serving of fruit with three great tasting varieties. Just add milk and blend! Yoplait Smoothies are an excellent source of Antioxidant Vitamin C. Available in the frozen fruit section in grocery stores nationwide."

WHAT IS GREAT: Simple dessert with one of my favorites - milk - and yes, I will add the lactose free milk as shown above!  Wonderful for weight loss.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

#10 Sausage & Meat - The Best In Wisconsin - Perhaps The Best in the World

You cannot live in the Midwest without knowing we "do beef" well. Living in Wisconsin, it is commonly known that we "do cheese" well. Our "Cheese head" status is quite well known, often joked about and recently actively promoted at sporting games with the not so eloquent Cheese head hats! Cheese head hats - check out the variety - it is amazing! However, our meat quality is the highest in the entire world - and this comes from a person who is not a meat lover. Really high quality meat and sausage is simply wonderful. Here are two wonderful sites for exceptional meats and sausages. When shopping for Christmas, I would high recommend these web sites.

Two Wonderful Places for Sausages and Meats:

#1 One of the most amazing secrets in all of Lake Geneva is this small country grocery store with the world's finest meats. It is only one hour away from Chicago, right down the street from the resort community where I live - Lake Geneva, WI.

"Lake Geneva Country Meats is a family owned and operated business since 1965, located just 3 short miles east of Lake Geneva on Hwy 50."

#2 Nueske is a world-renowned sausage and bacon manufacturer. They have the highest level quality. If their products look expensive, it is because they refuse to sacrifice on quality. I have had the privilege of meeting many of the family members and I can assure their first priority is quality. Here is a summary and a link to their website:

"Our Nueske family ancestors came to Wisconsin in 1882, bringing with them European skills of Applewood smoking and dozens of recipes for spicing and curing meat.

Back in 1933, our Dad, R.C. Nueske, couldn't find a flavor as good as our family recipe anywhere. So, he decided to market his smoked bacon, sausage, turkeys and hams."

Reminder: Meats and deserts need to be of the finest quality because we need to fully appreciate these items and watch our waistlines. Remember even if we are taking a daily vitamin, we still need to feed our body a variety of foods with great vitamins and nutrients. Moderation is the key topped off with a great variety.

WHAT IS GREAT: The high quality is an innovation in itself. Yes, sausage and meat have been around for hundreds of years but to maintain the quality is a true innovation. These two brands have stayed true to high quality. Kudos to them for continuing a great tradition and providing this innovation in the "days of fillers and the mentality cheap is better".

Delicious Clementines - Great Fruit - Fantastic for Children - Easy to Peel
Delicious Clementines - Great Fruit - Fantastic for Children - Easy to Peel | Source

#11 Clementine - A Natural Easy to Peel Fruit

Some great food invention items are not inventions at all, much like the Balsamic Vinegar and a little known fruit as a clementine, it is simply a matter of recognition and availability. Best described as a seedless tangerine with what I would label a better taste, this great fruit is a wonderful snack. It truly makes peeling an orange unmanageable. It is very simple to peel this great fruit. It is an all natural snack complete in its own packaging direct from Mother Nature. 81% of vitamin C. A must for mid-western winters!

According to Wikipedia: "A clementine is the hesperidium of a variety of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), named in 1902.[citation needed] A clementine is a small citrus fruit. The exterior is a deep orange colour with a smooth, glossy appearance. Clementines separate easily into seven to fourteen juicy segments. They are very easy to peel, like a tangerine, but are almost always seedless. Clementines are, thus, also known as seedless tangerines."

WHAT IS GREAT: High in Vitamin C, completely natural - Mother Nature's Treat!  Great for weight loss too!

Protein Supplement
Protein Supplement
Haagen-Dazs Bailey's Irish Ice Cream
Haagen-Dazs Bailey's Irish Ice Cream
Haagen-Dazs Sorbet
Haagen-Dazs Sorbet

#12 Soy Protein Supplement - Vanilla

Supports Muscle recovery and growth.

May help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Mixes easily.

My personal favorite: Wonderful with Bailey®'s Haagen-Dazs® icecream - mixes without a blender! Simple and delicious too! On a lighter note, Haagen-Dazs® also makes a wonderful sorbet.

20 g of protein and 15% of daily allowance for iron, 6% carbohydrates, all within 170 calories per serving.

WHAT IS GREAT: High protein for muscle recovery.

CON: Not on the list obviously for weight loss but a great treat after a fantastic workout!

OK, my ending is simply yummy .... awesome ice creams and sorbet too!

Summary Eating Well is Now Easier

Eating well is just as important to our health as exercise.  With these many great innovation and inventions, eating well has been made much easier and much better.  It is long overdue to have added vitamin and supplements made available.  These products and innovations are simply a sampling to get you and your family to start thinking about what works for you in your daily diets.  Take the time to exercise, take the time to eat well, take the time to take care of that precious item called your body.  Your body will thank you! Go ahead try something new!

Share With Us Your Favorites Foods!

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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      I love balsamic vinegar too! Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • francesca_f profile image


      8 years ago from Italy

      I like aceto balsamico!

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 

      8 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      gmaGoldie; These are great information and sharing.Thank you. As of now, I want to go for live and fresh food that are organically grown. I would love to see other food that are gluten free. You see, I am allergic to gluten. More power.


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