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Fortune Cookie Speak Truth

Updated on May 9, 2011

I Believe My Fortune Cookie, Dammit! - Don't Get Me Started!

Here I am in LA, the land of dreams and sometimes you have to allow yourself to be open to divine intervention. True, for some this happens by humming with a bunch of people they don't know in Sedona, Arizona but for me it happened in a much simpler, humbler way in a Chinese restaurant in Burbank. I was out at dinner with a pal and at the end of the meal the waiter brought the clarity I'd been looking for over the years but had always proved elusive to me. Yes, in that oddly folded cookie was the fortune I've waited for all my life and although some would say that it is just superstitious to believe in the power of a fortune cookie, I say, "Oh ye, of little faith!" I believe my fortune cookie, dammit! - Don't Get Me Started!

Sure, I could find inspiration on a bumper sticker ("Hate Is NOT A Family Value") or the mini van I saw recently that had so many "fish" symbols on the back of it that I think even Jesus would be impressed. But no, those are inspiration for the uneducated, the uninformed the pedestrian dreamers, if you will. If you've read any of my blogs you know I'm a dreamer, a lover of life (stop rolling your eyes) and this fortune just confirmed everything I always knew about myself but was afraid to say out loud.

As I opened the fortune cookie, I admit that I almost choked on the less than flavorful orangey colored crunchy dough and I think I inhaled some of the cookie dust like some cheap and less than exotic cocaine - there was no rush just a sneeze and a lump in my throat (brought on by the cookie, not emotion). And does anyone really LIKE these cookies or is it all about the fortune? But enough of this, back to what you've been waiting between two smiley faces was the truth that few have seen or understood about me that somehow someone in a fortune cookie factory saw and understood. The phrase on that tiny slip of paper you ask? It was, "You are never bitter, deceptive or petty."

Do you need a minute? I know...I needed one too. Yes, though some have accused me of being "bitchy" or a "queen" from reading my blogs they don't get me at all. Not like the fortune cookie people. Immediately I was thinking, this is my next t-shirt and then I thought of a person that was somewhat in my life who had made negative remarks about me. She had talked to someone about being afraid of me because of things that I had said. Things that I don't even remember saying and so I said to my dinner companion, "I'm getting this blown up and framed for Marie." After all, the fortune knew what I never did, that I wasn't bitter, deceptive or me that was a "get out of jail free" card. I could pretty much do anything and yet never be considered being any of those nasty things above. If anyone said anything different I could always just pull out my fortune and go, "Ah...excuse me, did you say I was being petty??? I think not and I have it in writing. See?"

So here's what I suggest. I suggest you all go out for Chinese food immediately and whatever you do (you're going to be hungry all over again a few hours later so make sure that you take some home with you) but eat that meal and get to the cookie and whatever the fortune is that you get, have it blown up and live by it. True, my pal's fortune was something about being a nice and sunny person (which he is and who cares?) but mine was the real gem and all I hope is that there is one out there for you too. I believe my fortune cookie, dammit! - Don't Get Me Started!





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    • profile image

      Marlisa 8 years ago

      Hey,I got the same fortune as you but from a Jones cane sugar soda& I was trying to figure out what it means cause I didn't fully comprehend the concept of it. I decided to search for it and I came across you, anyways what I'm really trying to say is thanks for bringing it to a whole other level. (: