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Four harmful habits and unhealthy to cook

Updated on July 16, 2016

Cook and prepared for family members of the daily work carried out by the ladies, you will keen to prepare delicious meals and the health of your family members you have to learn that there are a lot of styles and faulty habits that you have done a day during food preparation.

Through this article we will learn together Madam 4 harmful habits and unhealthy to cook, namely:

1. Heat the oil before frying

Even smoke billowed This is usually one of the worst habits used to cook, where oil heat until steaming then put the food in it, there are many oils that lose their benefits of antioxidants through this process, and leads to the formation of very harmful compounds human health, so you should put the food in the pan so that rising oil temperature during the presence of food in it.

2. flipping food so much

The process of moving the food significantly inhibit the ripening process and to build a distinctive taste and flavor, so it should not be exaggerated in turn food during cooking.

3. degree high temperatures during cooking

This habit is one of the worst habits used during the preparation of food in the frying pans non-stick , where it causes high liberally fluoride in the surface of the pans heat and this Maazbb some health problems for humans Kalasabh cirrhosis and some other problems related to growth, so you should follow the instructions existing with woks Tefal to see optimum temperature that must be used to cook food.

4. fill the pot to the edge

Some women fill dinnerware fully to speed up the cooking process, and is this the wrong habits in food preparation, because stackable food in the bowl works to slow down the cooking process and to give a pile of food-mache and filled with steam to lack of maturity, for example, that put the many pieces of meat in the food bowl It reduces the temperature inside, which leads to a slow maturation process meat.

So we got together, we have Madam on four of the most sinful habits and methods used for cooking and food that lose the necessary nutritional elements and cause of the man many serious health ailments such as diseases of the liver.


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