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Save time Ordering Food with Applications in Big Cities (Ritual and More)

Updated on September 5, 2017

Faster, Healthier Food

Honestly, if you're busy like me, you're always looking for some way to save some time. A food picking up system has recently gotten some traction. It's fantastic because you can order on your phone and pick up when it's lunch time (for example) without having to wait (which, you generally need to in big cities).

So, if you live in a big city, it's you're lucky day! This new food ordering system is fast and easy. You even have the chance to score some free food with the system's reward tiers.

New Cool Food Ordering App


Another Food Delivery App?

Unfortunately, no. But this is a good thing! This means it doesn't cut into food delivery costs and you can still tip the hard workers through the app (which, especially if you're Canadian, you should be doing often).

The best part is right now, after signing up with a promotional code or using a promotional link (continue reading below) you'll score $10 off your first order (which is $5 more than if you just signed up without a code). That can pretty much mean a free lunch. If you invite people to join, you'll be making money back too, which can essentially mean free food.

The system also rewards you for using it to save time. Every other offer may result in earning of 20X you normally would and get you on your way to scoring monetary credit to be used. You can also use these points to save on prices. For example, using 250 points can let you save up to $4 in some locations on speciality dishes.

The Website

On the Phone or on the Desktop

You can use the app or website on any piece of technology as long as you've got the internet! This makes it easy to order from work or when you're on the go and the choices are amazing.

Ritual claims up to 60 minutes a week can be saved by using the app which may not seem like much, but that adds up and remember, time is money!

So, here it is, use this sign up link (press this) and you'll be on your way to a quick, free lunch. And most importantly, saving time!

Points Program

Many places also give you the chance to earn 20X the points every other order which means points can accumulate for more freebies, which can be used as "cash credit" at any of the participating stores.

Thousands have enjoyed the app, will you join in the ranks?


Other Apps

Other than Ritual, there's a ton of other food apps. If you're lazy and want food delivery, the app is for you. It's only about a $4 delivery fee so it's affordable, quick, and easy.

Postmates is also another great one that can not only delivery food, but even groceries and stationary, if that's what's needed. Although, think about leaving that couch and getting some exercise before going for that option!

Let me know if there's any other food services applications that are worth sharing.


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