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Fresh Leftovers: Best Food Storage Containers

Updated on November 11, 2010

Top Food Containers For Your Leftovers

Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching and people are conjuring up expansive dinner menus for the big day. Thanksgiving can be a big headache for some people, and while planning out your perfect meal you may not think about how you are going to store all of your yummy leftovers.

There are so many different types of food storage containers that you can choose from. Just walk down the storage aisle of any grocery or convenience store and you'll see shelves full of containers. And everyone has had the annoying experience of buying food storage containers that do not work as well as the labels claimed--whether your food leaked out or whether it permanently stained the container in only one use.

Food Storage Container #1

Rubbermaid Lock-Its are one of the best food storage containers for a few different reasons. In tests they always come out on top. They are proven to be virtually air tight and are much more durable than other plastic food containers. Being extraordinarily air tight means that they prevent your foods from picking up odors or strange tastes from other foods that may be in your fridge. They also keep foods from drying out. Plus, they come in many different serving sizes. Whether you want to store your leftover deep fried turkey or your pecan stuffing, these are great food containers for any type of food.

Food Storage Container #2

Snapware Glass food containers are another great Rubbermaid product that always show up at the top of the list of best food storage containers. If you want a more permanent premier food storage solution, then you can skip over the plastic and use these glass containers instead. The containers are microwave safe and stain resistant. They also have a virtually air tight seal. Just take note, that in tests when the container was dish washed, the lid became more difficult to snap into place.

Food Storage Container #3

Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit--this kit is actually said to be "fun" to use. The kit comes with bags and a hand-held pump. It is specifically great for storing meat in the freezer. In tests it was shown to keep red meats "red" for a longer period of time than other storage products and methods.

Food Storage Container #4

OXO Good Grips Pop--Most everyone has a number of dried foods that they store including flour, sugar, pasta, and more. These terrific home food storage containers are perfect for all of your dried foods. With push tops they are easy to open and close. They keep dried foods fresh for incredibly long periods of time. And since you can see through them you will always know when you are running low on a certain dried food item. These food storage containers also have slightly curved edges so it is super simple to pour directly out of them.

Green Thumb: Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

For all of you conscientious food enthusiasts, there are a number of green and Eco-friendly food containers for you to choose from. Below are two of the the most highly rated Eco-friendly food storage containers.

Eco-Food Storage Containers

These gorgeous ceramic bowl food containers are not just visually appealing. They are also a green food storage option. These deliciously designed (with eggplant and chili pepper images) storage bowls are BPA-free and microwave safe. You can heat up food and eat right out of the bowls. They come in a set of 3.

Eco-Friendly & Perfect For Produce

Rubbermaid Produce Savers are not only Eco-friendly--being completely BPA free--they are also top food container picks. They are ranked as a top food storage container for produce. They have vented lids which allows moisture in the containers to evaporate. They also have special built-in trays that allow any condensation build up to be moved away from the produce. In addition to this, they are safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher. In tests they were shown to keep a head of lettuce crisp for a week. Remember, they are best for fruits and vegetables. The vented lids will dry out other types of leftovers.


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