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Fresh Mushroom Soup

Updated on November 4, 2014

Delicious Homemade Mushroom Soup Recipe

Here we have delicious homemade Mushroom Soup that I guarantee you is some of the best Mushroom Soup you will ever taste.
Here we have delicious homemade Mushroom Soup that I guarantee you is some of the best Mushroom Soup you will ever taste. | Source

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

You should know that Cream Of Mushroom Soup is a simple to make soup thickened in some cases with a little roux made out of flour and butter. In most cases the thickened soup is thinned with milk, cream, and wine. Wine gives homemade Mushroom Soup a wonderful flavor that most people love.

You'll find that Cream of Mushroom Soup is often used in casseroles, over pork chops or chicken, and in other recipes. I love homemade Cream Of Mushroom Soup but Campbell's does make wonderful soups.

Homemade Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe. This Is A Wonderful Recipe In This Video. Be Sure To Check It Out.

Cream Of Portabella Mushroom Soup

Cream Of Portabella  Mushroom Soup is so very delicious.
Cream Of Portabella Mushroom Soup is so very delicious. | Source

Cream Of Portabella Mushroom Soup Recipe

Here we have a delightfully delicious recipe for Cream Of Portabella Mushroom Soup. Portabella Mushrooms have some of the most distinctive wonderful flavor of any of the mushrooms.

Ingredients Needed For Your Cream Of Portabella Mushroom Soup

1. One Tablespoon Minced Fresh Garlic.

2. Two Cups Diced Portabella Mushrooms.

3. One Stalk Celery Diced Very Fine.

4. One Medium Sweet Onion Diced Very Fine.

5. Three Tablespoons Butter.

6. Four Cups Half And Half Cream.

7. One Third Cup Dry Sherry.

In a saucepan or skillet add the butter over medium heat and add in the garlic, celery, and onion. Cook the veggies over medium heat until the vegetables are tender. Set half the mushrooms aside and add the rest of the mushrooms to the vegetables. Cook the vegetables until they are tender.

Add the sherry and stir and then remove from the heat. Let it cool and then puree smooth in a food processor. Add a little of the half and half if you need to so it will puree smooth.

Now add all your ingredients to a stock pot and stir to mix very well. Bring almost to a boil and then turn down to a low simmer. Taste your soup and add salt and pepper to taste. I use ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Serve in a bowl with crackers and this I think will be some of the best mushroom soup you will ever taste in your life. Yes it really is that good. This is truly one of the best mushroom soups I have ever made and tasted in my life.

Fresh Mushroom Soup Recipe

Mushrooms add something special to almost any meal and this delightful and delicious mushroom soup makes any meal special. Yes this mushroom soup is simply delicious and I love mushrooms almost any way. But do you know how nutritious mushrooms are. They are simply filled with potassium, selenium, and riboflavin. And in case you don't know mushrooms are very low in fats and calories.

The great thing about this homemade mushroom soup is that it freezes very well for up to 3 months in the freezer so you can prepare it and thaw it out for any meal in the future.

For Your Homemade Mushroom Soup You Will Need

1. 1 Tablespoon Butter

2. 1 Cup Very Finely Carrots

3. 1/2 Cup Fine Chopped Green Onions Including Tops.

4. 1 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Garlic

5. 1 Teaspoon Salt

6. 1 Teaspoon Dry Thyme

7. 1 Teaspoon Black Pepper

8. 1 1/2 Pounds White Button Mushrooms sliced up thin.

9. 2 Regular Size Cans Sweet Sue Chicken Broth.

10. 1 Cup Red Wine

11. 1 1/2 Cups of Whole Milk

In a large sauce pan melt your butter over low heat and add the carrots, onions, salt, thyme, and pepper and cook until the onions start to brown. Remove from heat and set aside. Add mushrooms, wine, and broth and bring to a boil. Let boil for 1 minute. Using a slotted spoon remove 1 Cup of the vegetables and set aside. In a blender or food processor blend your soup until smooth. Return your pureed soup to a sauce pan and return the vegetables you set aside to the soup and add in your milk. Simmer until it is just heated well about 5-10 minutes over medium heat. Serve in bowls and garnish with raw fine chopped green onions including the tops. Make homemade croutons to add to the top of your soup. Serve with your favorite sandwich for a complete meal.

Here's A Great Ideal For Pork Chops With Mushroom Soup.

I love to make this particular mushroom soup recipe and then I deep fry double breaded pork chops until they are almost done. I then spray a baking pan with vegetable cooking spray and put my slightly undercooked double breaded fried pork chops in the pan. I then pour the above mushroom soup over the pork chops. You then wrap the baking pan tightly with tin foil and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve the cooked pork chops and homemade mushroom soup over hot buttered rice and you'll have a wonderful pork chop meal that you won't soon forget.

Homemade Mushroom Soup Is So Very Delicious.

Homemade Mushroom Soup Is So Very Delicious.
Homemade Mushroom Soup Is So Very Delicious. | Source

The Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms

Did you know that mushrooms contain some of the most powerful natural medicines of any plant known to man. As a defense against bacteria invasion, mushrooms have developed strong antibacterial properties and if you eat fresh mushrooms you get some of these benefits that are contained inside the mushrooms.

Button mushrooms especially have a high amount of Vitamin D. Its important to eat fresh mushrooms when ever possible. You can even grow button mushrooms in your basement or in a closet. You can purchase inexpensive mushroom growing kits at many places on the internet.

Portobella, Crimini, Oyster, Enoki, Button, and Shiitake Mushrooms are all filled with nutrients that are really good for you. The essential nutrients contained in mushrooms can help to greatly improve your over all health.

Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable source of Vitamin D. Mushrooms like humans manufacture Vitamin D from the sun.

Those button mushrooms we all love may help to promote immune function because they have strong antiviral properties. You can eat button mushrooms on a regular basis and help to greatly improve your bodies immune system.

Portabello and Crimini Mushrooms have about the same antioxidants as red bell peppers. Eat them on a regular basis and they will help to improve your over all health. You should know that mushrooms are filled with essential nutrients.

Button mushrooms contain large amounts of Vitamin B. Vitamin B is great for turning food into fuel that your body can use. Another thing you should know is that by eating a large amount of mushrooms you should lose weight and in some people a high consumption of mushrooms helps to maintain a balanced blood sugar.

“Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup is America’s béchamel.”

You can make wonderful Creamed Spinach by using 2 regular size cans of Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom Soup and mix it with 3 cups frozen cream of spinach. Once you have it mixed up pour it into a 13" X 9" casserole dish that you have sprayed with vegetable cooking spray. Top the spinach and mushroom soup mixture with fine bread crumbs and cook for 30 - 35 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Once its cooked serve it over toast for a quick and easy meal that will be so very delicious. Be sure to try it.

Mushroom Information Chart, The Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms.

Check Out This Great Information About Mushrooms.
Check Out This Great Information About Mushrooms. | Source

Quick And Easy Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe.

© 2009 Thomas Byers

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