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Frontera Sauvignon Blanc Wine Review

Updated on July 2, 2013
Frontera Sauvignon Blanc
Frontera Sauvignon Blanc | Source

Sauvignon Blanc by Frontera

There is nothing better than a cold white wine in the middle of the summer. Cold white wines are certainly best chilled and have a refreshing quality to them that can even satisfy a mild thirst. They are also lite which makes them even easier to put in our bellies when the summer heat tends to lower our appetites.

I was recently invited for a barbecue at the park. Wine is always a great gift to bring to any party and so I decided to try Frontera's Sauvignon Blanc. For those of you who are not familiar with Frontera, it's a winemaker based in Chile and is part of what we call New World wines. Chile has gained a lot of publicity and applause as an up and coming producer of world class wines. As an added benefit, Chilean wines are much cheaper than their European counterparts.

I bought this Frontera Sauvignon Blanc for $10. Oh, Did I mention this was a 1.5 liter bottle? Can I say "Wow" for the price?

So I brought it to my friend's barbecue in a cooler full of ice and I even brought my own glass. I knew that my friends would have paper cups at the park and I wanted to really taste the essence of this wine. I probably looked a little snobbish, but after they had a few drinks I'm sure they didn't even notice.

I uncorked the bottle, (this is a non-screw cap white wine bottle), and poured my glass. The color was between a clear and paled golden color. I spent quite a few minutes swirling my glass and smelling the aroma of this young wine. It in fact, had a very strong aroma. Honestly, I didn't like the aroma. I couldn't quite identify it's aroma, but the more I smelled it, the more I didn't like it. Obviously, by me swirling it around my glass intensified the aroma by 5 times, so if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have noticed that much.

The closest smell I could associate with it's aroma was ammonia. I know this not really a good thing. But it's the closest I can get.

So I took my first mouth full of the Frontera. It's a medium body wine and I could definitely feel that in my mouth. I had a nice tingling feeling on the side of my cheeks which hinted at it's acidity. I would have preferred it to be slightly more sweet to counter balance the acidity. But all in all, it was fairly smooth wine. There was very little burning on the finish after going down.

I had quite a few glasses and I had a good time. My friends didn't really care for this wine, but what do they know? They were drinking Corona all day!

If you are on a major budget and like white wine, the Frontera Sauvignon Blanc 1.5 Liter would be a good choice for $10. But honestly, I won't buy this wine again. It didn't give me any excitement. There was nothing unique in it's taste and I certainly didn't like the smell. It's certainly a drinkable wine but I'm looking for something with more character. Even if it costs a few dollars more.


2 stars for Frontera Sauvignon Blanc

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