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Fruit Leather

Updated on November 20, 2012
The best fruit is free fruit!
The best fruit is free fruit!

Epic faliure.

Earlier in the year I found an intriguing recipe for an obscure entity known as 'fruit leather'.

Without a coherent thought in my head, and a great deal of alcohol in my veins, I set about gathering the ingredients for my latest misadventure.

The ingredient list was short, very short.

It comprised of blackberries and apples.

I looked down the list for further additives, but to no avail.

That was good enough for me.I rounded up the small people of the household, clad them in appropriate footwear and lead them into the dark and forbidding world of scrumping

Within the next two hours I had sent the oompa lumpas of the family up numerous apple trees in search of the fruit of eve ( I had no intention of risking my own neck) and forced them into many a bramble bush just for sport.

The end result was more fruit than I could wave a good sized stick at, as well as ice creams all round for my diminutive workers. (Did you really think I was as evil as I made out?)

Sadly, after much boiling, straining and drying of fruit, my endeavours bore no results.

Unless of course you can describe a mould covered tray of red goo a good result!

Watch this space for my next attempt. Or better still, tell me how to get it right!


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