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Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies - Make Your Own

Updated on February 23, 2008

A great way to get the nutritious foods that your body needs is to blend them up into a smoothie. Kids especially like to have their fruit this way. There are so many combinations the possibilities are endless. There has got to be something that will appeal to you, so don't automatically rule it out.

Today I thawed out a bag of frozen strawberries, added a banana, a handful of ice cubes and 2 cups of chocolate soy milk. Everyone loved it and no one knew that there was a banana in there. No one really likes bananas, but they are so good for you and filled with potassium that I do try to sneak them into things when I can.

Any type of berry would be good in a smoothie. We pick our own during the summer and freeze them. Berries that have been frozen tend to be a little mushy, so they work great in smoothies. Also if you use frozen or partially frozen berries or pineapple then you don't have to add ice. There are some foods that you can freeze, however they don't thaw out very well. Grapes and cantaloupe are two of these types of foods and both will go great in smoothies.

The basics for smoothies include vegetables, fruits, milk, ice cream, yogurts, sherbet, juice and ice. You will typically have a combination of these items in any smoothie you make. There are some things that just naturally go together, but you can always combine whatever sounds good to you.

Here are some of the ideas I have for smoothies.

Apple juice, carrots, apples and ice

Sweet potatoes, apples, apple juice and ice

Mangos, strawberries, vanilla soy milk and ice

Bananas, berries, and yogurt

Spinach, carrots, apple juice and ice

Mangos, pineapples, ice and milk

Avocado, banana, orange juice, ice

Tomato, peppers, apple juice, ice

You can put seasonings in smoothies for added flavor. Vanilla (remember a little goes a long way here), mint leaves, Tabasco sauce, basil, garlic, pepper, etc. When you are figuring out the combinations you want to try remember that you need solids (fruits and vegetables), liquids (milk or juice), and sometimes thickeners (yogurt or ice cream) and if you want you can add seasonings to it as well, but I usually don't. Also squeezing a half of a lime or lemon into it will boost the nutritional value as well as give it lots of great flavor.

I prefer to just guess at the amounts when I make smoothies. If you want some specific recipes to get you started, Smoothieweb has a lot of great ones. The possibilities are endless, so give it a try today.


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    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      Michelle, you're a debbie downer

    • profile image

      what ? 7 years ago

      iwant a smoothie with peanut butter and apple juice

    • profile image

      Michelle 8 years ago

      What do you mean "no one really likes bananas?" That wasn't the most intelligent thing to say. I have only ever met one person who doesn't like them, so I don't know where you're getting your information from.

    • profile image

      Apple Juice Recipes 8 years ago

      Just looking around for information on specific juice recipes; I think it’s important that people take a stand by taking additional time out of their busy schedule to really monitor the kinds of foods and juices they’re allowing to infiltrate their body; excellent hub by the way.

    • Jennifer profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tip Adam, peanut butter is great in anything.

    • profile image

      Adam Likes Smoothies 8 years ago

      You forgot to mention the greatness of Peanut Butter!!

      Two frozen bananas, some milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter is the ultimate smoothie combination.

      It just proves that peanut butter is good on anything.

    • profile image

      MotorCityMe 8 years ago

      I love bananas!

      Thanks for all the great combo ideas, though.

    • profile image

      Geans 8 years ago


    • artistguy123 profile image

      Rajesh Sivapalan 9 years ago from Pune, Maharashtra, India

      Thanks friend for a wonderful receipe. Yeah you are right that banana is great for health. Even though I don't like it but my father includes it in everyday meal. I recently read an article saying how useful is banana for health. you can always check out my hub whenever you have time. Thanks.

    • profile image

      highwaystar 9 years ago

      Thanks Jennifer, it's good idea to include a smoothie everyday, stick with fresh organic produce if you can. You've certainly put together some yummy smoothie recipes, berries always go down well, and you know how to get the best results too, cheers!